*Best rates only available on our website!*
*Best rates only available on our website!*

food & drinks

Who said a hostel's catering can't be top-notch? Let us surprise you with our delicious coffee featuring our signature Wombat's roast! Or indulge in our spectacular collaboration beers, created with the most renowned breweries! And, of course, savor our variable breakfast, made with carefully sourced and individually combinable ingredients.

From classic to vegan–
choose your tasty brekkie!
Viennese coffeehouse culture inside our hostels
Mingle with an international crowd–crafty drinks & snacks!
our treats
Beers, wines, ciders – we're teaming up with top-suppliers!
our treats

it's tasty, baby!
your brekkie

  • classic breakfast with freshly cut ham
  • vegan with yummie hummus
  • freshly cut cheese
  • homemade porridge
  • granola with yogurt
  • fruit salad & veggie sticks
  • bread station with bread, rolls, toast
  • unlimited free extras 
  • high-quality bottomless coffee–our own breakfast roast! (alternatives: tee or hot chocolate), alternative milk products (oat milk) 

Get your Tasty Brekkie – highest quality, regional partners, individual taste!

Family Bonus: Children up to the age of 6 eat our Tasty Brekkie for free!

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WomCAFÉ: it's roasted, baby!

Who would have guessed that? Wombat's arguably hosts the best coffee in town. As a tribute to our Viennese roots, our City Hostels celebrate the typical Viennese coffee house culture. We serve our own Wombat's roast in a cozy atmosphere where you can chill and enjoy unexpected encounters. According to our Corporate Social Responsibility standards, our coffee is carefully sourced: we know where our beans come from and we pay a fair price. Then, these premium beans are roasted by our partners and coffee experts at Kaffee Campus Krems near Vienna. Trained baristas add the magic touch and ensure the full flavor ends up in your cup. So, sit down, relax, and enjoy the extraordinary Wombat’s coffee experience!

WomCAFÉ Pictures

Go to one of our WomCAFÉ in ...


WomCAFÉ Vienna

WomCAFÉ Munich Werksviertel

WomCAFÉ London

WomCAFÉ Budapest

"cheers!" at the WomBAR

Immerse yourself in a friendly place where travellers from around the world mingle with locals to enjoy great drinks and delicious snacks at affordable prices. And, of course, this is also the place to savor our famous collab brews!

take a look at WomBARS

Go to one of our WomBAR in ...


WomBAR Vienna Naschmarkt

WomBAR Munich Hauptbahnhof

WomBAR Munich Werksviertel

WomBAR London

WomBAR Budapest


our bevog collab brew

We are proud to host...

... the fantastic Path of the Wombat – hosted by Wombat's: This juicy and zesty pale ale is brewed exclusively for Wombat’s by Bevog brewery. With a heavy Australian influence, the choice of hops for this smasher of a beer was obvious: Galaxy all the way! Bevog has created for us a very drinkable and crushable beer, with clean citrus, peach and passionfruit aromas - always a perfect travel companion, no matter which Wombat’s house you enjoy it at! It is brewed in small batches, so it will always be as fresh as can be! We hoppily serve it from tap and in 0,33l cans in Vienna, Munich, and Budapest.

our forest road brews in london

We exclusively have from tap and cans the fantastic LEWI hosted by Wombat's: Single-hopped with the Australian variant Galaxy - which has one of the highest percentages of aroma oils of any hop-variety available. This translates to the soft tropical flavours and moderate bitterness that make LEWI Pacific Ale instantly recognisable. With a grist of 100% Super Pale malt, a delicate grassy-cereal flavour is also perceptible which provides a fresh, light base upon which the hops can  really shine. The beer is barely-blonde in colour, and luminously bright.

POSH Lager from Tap

Forest Road's classically crisp, easy drinking, ALL BRITISH lager. 100% UK grown hops and barley, brewed right here in SE14 by your local, independent brewery. With a lively body and visible carbonation you can hear the bubbles in posh tingle and sing in the glass before it even reaches your mouth. 
Pale straw in appearance with thick, dense foam, and mild lacing which retains. On aroma, an initial hit of cereal, malt (light, green). A mild brown sugar note appears before being promptly cut with fleeting citrus character. On the palate, tingling carbonation is followed by a fresh malt hit delivering moreish cereal notes. Mild piney/resinous hop notes emerge towards the end of the sip finishing in moderate but crisp bitterness.

SESH – Session IPA in Cans

The ultimate session sipper. Brewed with a unique combination of hop varieties from the US (Centennial, Talus) and New Zealand (Motueka) the result is an unusual and refreshing aroma of soft fruit and juicy tropical notes. On the palate the hop character is low and fresh, delivering barely-there bitterness and just a hint of citrus. This delicate flavour paired with the beers light body, and gentle carbonation means you'll easily be able to come back to this beer again and again. Long live the SESH!
ABV – 4.3%

JUNO – West Coast IPA in Cans

An energetic burst of orange citrus flavour hits the palate and coats the tongue. Slight drying sensation flashes through the mouth before rounded bitterness kicks in. ABV – 5.3%

our wine

We proudly host Wieninger wines. These biodynamic and sustainable delights come from green vineyards in Vienna where fauna and flora thrive. Wieninger completely rejects artificial fertilizers, chemical-synthetic pesticides, and herbicides. These renowned wines embody the terroir and vintage of their origin. Enjoy!

our cider

Not just any cider – it's the legendary BlakStoc, handcrafted with natural orchard apples from the Styrian hills.

our toasts

It's toasted, baby! Together with top chef Christian Mezera, we have curated a special menu that embodies our version of a contemporary snack – honesty, love of food and no frills. Toasts are ideal for this!

guest kitchen

Do you feel like staying at your hostel with your travel mates and saving some money with a self-cooked meal, or would you like to show off your signature dish? No problem, we have a fully equipped guest kitchen waiting for you. You will find it in every Wombat's City Hostel. 

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