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Very Good

2143 Reviews

Rated 4.2 / 5 based on reviews from all travelers.

Very good hostel for solo travelers. Good for sightseeing and has nearby restaurants and bars.

Excellent Economy Hostel

Top 3% in city“Free welcome drink, printing service and airport transportation, Free walking tours, Cheap laundry service”

Highlights from our Hostel

  • Location


    644 Reviews

    Great location with good access by car.Central location with great sightseeing, dining out and shopping.Near public transport, airport, and train station.

    “Outstanding location, Perfect location especially for partying, Perfect location and all the facilities”

  • Service


    518 Reviews

    Efficient, friendly service with a nice reception.

    “Superfriendly staff, Thank you very much for your welcome, Congratulations for the service”

  • Breakfast


    179 Reviews

    Great and affordable breakfast.

    “Breakfast was so delicious, Very good breakfast for the price, Breakfast was cheap and abundant”

  • Room


    684 Reviews

    Room cleanliness is acceptable.Bathrooms are large but with substandard cleaning.Poorly maintained, old rooms with poor air conditioning and uncomfortable beds.Large rooms with nice kitchenettes.

    “AC was working, Washroom cleaned, Toilet was broken”

  • Cleanliness


    392 Reviews

    Cleanliness is lacking in rooms and bathrooms.Hostel facilities could use a good clean.

    “Horrible smell, Dirty floors, Problem with mold in the drain”

“Free welcome drink, printing service and airport transportation” “Close to the night life and tourist attractions”


Good to Know!

  • Friendly atmosphere
    “The hostel is welcoming”
    “Welcoming hostel”
  • Spacious rooms
    “Enormous bedrooms”
    “Big aircon fan”