Mask in shop window

How to do a Carnevale Mask

Watch how a Carnevale mask is made by one of the last real Venetian…
10 July 2019/by Gregor Kleczkowski
the reception at wombat's venice with setaing area

Opening 2019: wombat’s VENICE Mestre

3 July 2019/by Gregor Kleczkowski
Grafittis in East London

East London – Off the beaten path

27 June 2019/by Gregor Kleczkowski
Two girls posing with a rainbow colored heart.

United in diversity and tolerance

Talking about diversity! Have you ever read a slogan and thought…
20 June 2019/by Gregor Kleczkowski
Photo from the Danube Island Festival

The Danube Island Festival Vienna 2019

Don't Miss "Europe's Largest Free Party" Come to Vienna this…
7 June 2019/by womblogger

Munich Courtyard and Garden Flea Markets

When in Munich during summer Flea markets are great, not only…
25 May 2019/by Nina Eggert

Vienna in One Day: a Sightseeing Quickie

Vienna is an excellent city for sightseeing, but if you're on…
10 May 2019/by womblogger

Best London Musicals

Welcome to Europe's Broadway When travelling to London there's…
26 April 2019/by Nina Eggert

The How To Travel Series

It's not common to everybody - some need a little help Recently…
12 April 2019/by Gregor Kleczkowski
Secret City Trails

Secret City Trails

You love discovering cities but classic city tours where…
15 March 2019/by Nina Eggert
Attack of the 50 Foot Socialite

Street Art Map Berlin

Berlin is the perfect city for everybody who is crazy about culture…
1 March 2019/by Nina Eggert

The children’s choir Dia.logos at wombat’s VIENNA

Everybody who stayed at wombat's Vienna the Lounge shortly before…
21 February 2019/by Nina Eggert

Winter in Vienna – sightseeing tips from our expert

Christmas time is over, but the winter has still taken over…
6 February 2019/by womblogger

Which London Borough do you belong in?

You'll have such a great time in London that you might want to…
20 January 2019/by Gregor Kleczkowski
Skiing - Day Trip from Vienna

Skiing – Day Trip from Vienna

Do you love skiing and really don't give a damn about our environment? Well,…
8 January 2019/by Gregor Kleczkowski

New Year´s Trail Vienna

For 24 years now, the New Year’s Trail Vienna has been…
30 December 2018/by Gregor Kleczkowski

New Year’s Eve in Berlin

One of Europe's largest open air parties  is celebrated on New…
27 December 2018/by Gregor Kleczkowski

New Year’s Eve in Munich

The Bavarian capital Munich, or München to the locals, is one…
25 December 2018/by Gregor Kleczkowski
Szilveszter in Budapest

New Year’s Eve in Budapest

If you are celebrating New Year's Eve Budapest you won't be bored.…
17 December 2018/by Exporter

10 Things to Know About Nightlife in Berlin

Berlin is famous for its awesome nightlife: countless bars,…
10 December 2018/by womblogger
Christmas market at Vienna city hall

Christmas in Vienna

Christmas away from home can be hard for some people. Fortunately,…
1 December 2018/by Lindsay St John

Vienna Christmas Markets

In Austria the Christmas spirit begins to creep in during November.…
22 November 2018/by Gregor Kleczkowski
Love Pop Up Store

MQ Vienna Fashion Week brings us LOVE

Hosting Models since 2010 For the 8th consecutive year now,…
11 September 2018/by Gregor Kleczkowski

Discover Vienna with our free womwalk!

The free Vienna walking tour Looking to get some spectacular…
10 July 2018/by Gregor Kleczkowski
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