*Best rates only available on our website!*
*Best rates only available on our website!*

corporate social responsibility

We feel particularly connected to the sharing economy, whose goal is to share existing resources.
After all, 'sharing' and 'caring' are part of our DNA.

communal living

... is the basis of our hostels. Guests cook and eat together, do their laundry together, and can socialize and relax in our communal areas. Travel parties and dorm friends share and save valuable resources.

local businesses

We source locally, especially food, in order to minimize transportation, support local businesses, and avoid excessive packaging.

gender equality

Wombat’s City Hostels is very proud to have a strong representation of female leadership established. In fact, the majority of our hostel managers usually are female.

local & organic

We buy food and other consumables as locally as possible, paying attention to organic quality and environmental certificates. 


no single-use plastics

You won't find any single-use plastics in our hostels. We even love to upcycle hidden gems that we find at special markets, contributing to our unique interior design.

reducing consumption

All showers and toilets at Wombat's are equipped with water-saving systems. We also kindly remind our guests regularly to monitor their water consumption.

free food

Anything left over from breakfast that is still untouched goes to the communal kitchen for free consumption. The staff also encourages guests to leave food they no longer need for others.


Wombat’s sees itself as part of the local art and culture scene to which we want to contribute with stage and shelter. Artists are paid fairly for their work.

peace & tolerance

Peace begins with personal contact. At Wombat's, people from all over the world meet and build new relationships across borders. We want everybody to feel welcome in our hostels, regardless of gender, country of origin, ethnic background, religion, sexual orientation, or attire.

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