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*Best rates only available on our website!*

Wombat's Munich - Werksviertel 2021

We proudly announce the addition of a new wombat's CITY Hostel to accompany our existing one in Munich.

As a privately owned company, we focus on projects that really suit us, projects that allow us to grow with them and excite us. Lately we're getting more ambitious when it comes to expansion. Therefore we are very excited about this new hostel being part of a big development project just behind Ostbahnhof.

The whole new district is called Werksviertel. It is going to be a new cultural and lifestyle hub for Munich. It includes projects such as a new concert hall, various clubs and a climbing site.

Werksviertel has a lively history. It was once home to traditional companies such as, Optimol, Konen, Zündapp and Pfanni. On these grounds potato dumplings were produced, motorbikes put together, lubricants refined and clothing tailored.

[caption id="attachment_1849" align="aligncenter" width="840"] The area of the Pfanni factory from above.[/caption]

These days the factories at the Ostbahnhof are no longer in use. Nevertheless, the area has retained its busy, industrial factory vibe. Developers and architects want to keep the special feel by creating a dramatic contrast between the historic structures and the modern buildings. Located just next to the public transport hub Ostbahnhof, the new urban district will also be superbly connected.

[caption id="attachment_1879" align="alignleft" width="218"] The white part of WERK 4 will be home to our new Hostel.[/caption]

"The project area is being treated not as a blank canvas, but as a process. With the arrival of the new, the old must also be preserved. The upgrading of the area is characterised by quality and pragmatism. At the same time, the east of Munich will experience a new injection of dynamism and modernity," stresses the brand 'Werksviertel' on their website.

Another goal of the project is to fit together some of life's most important aspects: home, leisure, work and travel. Around 1,200 new homes are planned for 3,000 citizens. Long-term plans see the creation of up to 7,000 new jobs.

The grounds of the former Pfanni factory, now owned by OTEC GmbH & Co.KG form the epicenter of the project. After Pfanni closed the factory in 1996, the area was home to projects such as 'Kunstpark Ost' and 'Kultfabrik' until the end of 2015. Besides the flagship project, a new concert hall, plans for this area include the new wombat's CITY Hostel, several restaurants, entertainment venues and event locations

Werner Eckart, Proprietor and Managing Director of OTEC GmbH & Co.KG says, "with the Werksviertel development, we are drawing on the history of the site. This will create a distinctive district with a strong character." 

[caption id="attachment_1845" align="alignright" width="300"] Sascha Dimitriewicz, CEO and founder of wombat's signing the contract with Werner Eckert, Proprietor and Managing Director OTEC[/caption]

Located directly in the heart of the Werksviertel, we will open our hostel with 500 beds in 2020. It will form part of the tallest building called WERK 4.

The architects of Steidle Architekten plan WERK 4 to be somewhat of a landmark.

Our new hostel will share this space with a serviced appartements provider and a climbing site. If you are a climbing enthusiast, you will find the climbing site with 900 sqm boulder facilities and 1200 sqm of climbing space in- and outdoors just next door.

Steidle Architekten mention on their website, "the current activities and uses are to be gradually cultivated, condensed and updated, while new developments are being launched in parallel."

The new wombat's will feature all the amenities common to our standard with the highlights of a womBar, that is open to the public and open air common areas.

[caption id="attachment_1850" align="aligncenter" width="1030"] The center of Werksviertel, with WERK4 just in the middle.[/caption]



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