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Vienna - don't just drink the wine - walk it!

190 vintners produce more than 25,000 hectoliters yearly with 700 hectares of vineyards. Did you know that Vienna is the only European capital with a serious wine production within its city limits? One might add that the wine consumption in Vienna is just as serious. It is no coincidence that the words Wien (German for Vienna) and Wein (German for vine) are so similar.


White wine from Vienna

White wine from Vienna has an especially high reputation. The Grüner Veltliner is the popular choice and a no-brainer to order. If you want to show off your knowledge, order the Gemischter Satz. It is another Viennese white wine specialty produced with different grapes. Up to 20 different grape varieties are planted in the same vineyard, then harvested and pressed together. Take a sip and pretend that the difference in taste to a cuvee is more than obvious. 😎

The Gemischter Satz was originally a method to protect vineyards from poor harvests. The higher the variety of grape the lower the risk of an overall bad year. Now, this wine is experiencing something of a renaissance and is the hip traveller’s choice.


Heurigen in Vienna

A special place to drink local wine from Vienna is the traditional Heurigen. It’s a kind of tavern with basic food and a focus on drinking. Sounds good, right? But be aware that visiting a Heurigen in the heart of the most famous Heurigen-district, Grinzing, is similar to visiting the Piazza San Marco in Venice, the Eiffel tower in Paris or Venice Beach in Los Angeles. You will have to find your way between tourist buses.

Take your time and travel to the outskirts of Heurigen-land. The more remote a Heurigen is from the city center, the higher the chance that it will be authentic and basic.

We highly recommend hiking between and along the vineyards. It’s a stunning experience to be in a natural, green environment whilst still in a metropolis. Hiking also offers spectacular views over Vienna. Unforgettable – even with some glasses of Gemischter Satz after the hike.

Go for it! We’ve got some routes for you:


Neustift am Walde – Sievering

Take the bus 35A to Neustift am Walde.

Path length: 1,6 km


Sievering - Gspöttgraben - Winery Cobenzl

From the terminus of bus line 39A.

Path length: 2,3 km


Winery Cobenzl – Grinzing

Approach with bus 38A to parking lot Cobenzl.

Path length: 1,6 km


Grinzing – Nußdorf

Access from the terminus of tram 38: 500 m.

Path length: 5,3 km


Along these routes you may find places where you happen to be the only tourist. 😉


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