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*Best rates only available on our website!*

Travelling Wombat's Style #1


Maybe you’ve spent the whole day sitting on a train. Or maybe you had a long night at the Wombar. Or maybe you just miss your gym at home.

Don’t worry, we know what you need! A quick bootcamp - Wombat’s style. Here’s a custom workout we designed together with international fitness gurus especially for you. Almost.

It’s a HIIT routine that you can do without any equipment and almost anywhere while you are travelling. Yes, even in a Wombat’s dorm, as long as you comply with our guidelines. 😉

20 Jumping Jacks

👉 Before you start, please look up to avoid the classic mistake of hitting a lamp with your powerful, swinging arms!


20 Squat Jumps

👉 Focus on a soft landing. This is good for both your joints and your reputation as a hostel guest.


20 Mountain Climbers

👉 1 full mountain climber = 1 left leg rep + 1 right leg rep.


15–20 Push-ups

👉 If you prefer to do push-ups from your knees, you should aim for 20.


10 Burpees

👉 Again, if you do the burpee with a jump – see ‘squat jumps’ about landing softly. Think of your knees and your neighbours. You can find a cool instructional video and the right burpee variation for your fitness level here: www.youtube.com/watch


(Please don’t forget the blue outfit for a stylish workout!)

Between each exercise leave a 10 second break.

Repeat the whole sequence 5 times.

So, now you are ready for an exciting day, or another fun evening at the Wombar. Enjoy!

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