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*Best rates only available on our website!*

Times Are Changing, Cities Are Changing

We all hope the corona crisis is over soon and we feel for all people who fell sick or even lost loved ones.

Look ahead!

But we also want to look ahead. We are pretty sure that traveling will never be the same. And this isn’t necessarily bad news!

Roberta from our Hostel in Venice wrote to us: “The canals in Venice are crystal-clear, you can even see bottom and fishes! Swans and mallards are nesting on the piers and swim next to the sleeping gondolas. Dolphins have been seen in the gulf of Trieste, playing as they use to do.”

We have now the chance to see some of our favorite places like we have never seen them before. This will inspire us to look at those places differently in the future.

That’s why we asked our team members to send some photos and share this exceptional experience. Of course, we’d love to also see your photos of your hometown and how it’s changing!


We will progress to our #businessunusual as soon as possible. In the meantime: stay safe and healthy! There will be a new world to discover after all this!

Or as Julia from our Hostel in Vienna puts it: “Tourism will have its comeback. A slow one probably. But just because something has slowed down, doesn't mean it's not as good as before.”

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