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*Best rates only available on our website!*

The Ultimate (Minima)List of Travel Essentials

Handsome globetrotters, smart backpackers and curious explorers like us travel light. There’s not much that we need when we do what we do best - go on tour.

As we can do our laundry at our favourite hostel, we don’t need a ton of spare shirts. As our favourite hostel also provides free WiFi, we don’t need transportable hotspots like we used to. And because we are not the POTUS and prefer real sunshine, we don’t have any self-tanning lotion in our luggage.

Here is the ultimate list of travel essentials to help you to travel safe and in style:



In times like these you should always have a mask with you (even though Wombat’s offers free masks for our guests). In many countries it is compulsory to wear them on public transportation and even in stores. Stay safe!



Even if you don’t have sensitive eyes, it’s never a bad idea to carry some dry eye relief drops. Windy outdoor conditions and/or indoor air-conditioning can be pretty stressful on your eyes. Equally important: never travel without shades. Sunlight can have negative long-term effects on your eyesight. Not to mention, no shades 👉 no rockstar traveling.



Earplugs or noise cancelling headphones: By blocking out unwanted noise on long flights or train journeys, you will remove a lot of stress from your travels. Earplugs and headphones can also be a life saver when you decide to skip the party and get to bed early for a change. But it’s up to you whose life might be saved.



Just like your eyes- air conditioning or weather that you are not used to, can irritate your skin. Be sure that you always have something to keep your skin from drying out; like body lotion or good old Vaseline. Facial sprays with French mineral water are an expensive, unnecessary weight for wannabe influencers only. 🤫



We don’t have to mention a toothbrush and toothpaste, but you should always have dental floss with you as well when traveling. Especially if you are willing to try new food in different countries have no idea what kind of textures you might encounter! Whether it’s traditional pork knuckle in Vienna, Pesto alla Genovese in Italy or Algae in Asia – you might need an extra layer of dental care.



Of course, cute travellers like us always take care of our personal hygiene but we also watch our mental hygiene. Especially in airports, train stations or a crowded underground – hectic rushing and disrespect can be contagious and spread quickly! So always keep your inner Ohmmm ready at hand and stay calm. The experienced backpackers know this: one smile (even behind a mask!) can upgrade your travel experience for the whole day.

Stay safe, we hope to see you soon!

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