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*Best rates only available on our website!*

Safety Rules! First Aid Course for Our Employees

Rule #1 of the wombats-code: “Our hostel staff shall always be able to help our guests.” In everyday hostel business “help” mostly means to give travel, sightseeing and party information. We have been lucky enough to go through hostel life without grave medical accidents in our houses.

But as you can never know what could happen in the future, we recently took a first aid course at the aid organisation “Green Cross”. 16 of our Viennese hostel employees learned all the essential things to do in case of medical accidents. See the pictures to get some impression…

For all of us participating in the course it felt good to improve these important skills. And it feels even better that our hostels are even more safe than before – from “very safe” to “super safe” :)

Thanks to the guys from the Grünes Kreuz for their support and the great lessons!

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