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Farewell Keith Wright!

[caption id="attachment_1663" align="alignright" width="300"] Keith with wombat's CEOs Marcus and Sascha.[/caption]

What would a Hostel be without the fellow travelers coming in from all over the world and sharing their stories? One that really had a lot to tell was Keith Wright, a legend amongst Backpackers. Keith held the spirit of backpacking high. Based in Australia he traveled to and in Europe several times. Over a decade he kept coming back and loved to stay with wombat's CITY HOSTELS. With over 90 years of age he was still taking Busabout tours and staying in Hostels. Several articles were published about his story, for example in the Telegraph, where he was described as the "World's Oldest Backpacker".

He was such a modest traveler, when he booked his last stay with wombat's in Vienna (He was 95 years old back then!), Keith was asking if it was possible to reserve a lower bunk for him as he ultimately has difficulties climbing the top bunk.

As we all loved this legendary, outgoing and sociable fellow the mail we recently received hit us hard. Keith has passed away on 29 December at the age of 97, after a short battle with cancer.

Despite his age he was part of the young wombat's family and we never thought seriously about the time he won't be able to come again.

During all those years of staying with us as the world's oldest backpacker, which he probably was already 10 years ago :), he made our places more colorful and brighter.

It was an honor for all of us to not only be the host of Keith during all those years but also building up a very valuable relationship.

We are more than thankful that we could provide Keith a warm and honest home during his trips to Europe.

It is our hope that he will take our great respect and honor with him to his last adventure trip !


Travel on, mate!!!

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