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A 6 steps guide for moving to Austria

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You need information about moving to and living in Vienna? Here is the right stuff for you: the online community “feelslikehome” helps foreigners with their first steps in the Austrian capital – free of charge. Moreover, feelslikehome is aiming at teaming up people to receive group discounts to save money in the first weeks after arrival.

We asked the feelslikehome founders Alexander, Richard and Martin for a step-by-step-guide for the most relevant formalities when settling in Vienna. That’s what they recommend:


Step 1: Visa

If you are not from a EU country or the U.S., you need to apply for a visa before you arrive in Austria. The most common one is the tourist visa. More info about Austrian Visa issues you can find on feelslikehome.at .

Step 2: Certification of Registration (“Meldezettel”)

According to Austrian law, you have to register your lodging within 3 days after moving in. There are Registration Service Centres all over Vienna. More information on the official Vienna website.

Step 3: Pre paid phone or sim card

You will soon need an Austrian phone to connect with other people. The good news: fees in Austria are cheap and pre-paid phones are available at all providers. Feelslikehome offers you a membercard that includes a free SIM card.

Step 4: Health Insurance

Everyone living in Austria is required by law to be health insured. You should check if your insurance is accepted in Austria. Find further info on the Austrian social insurance website and on feelslikehome.

Step 5: Bank Account

If you stay longer than 3 months, an Austrian bank account will make financial issues easier. For further information visit the bank account section of feelslikehome – they even offer a special deal for foreigners.

Step 6: Embassy

Inform your home country’s embassy in Vienna with information about your name and contact details. This can be helpful in case something happens. You can find a list with all embassy addresses on feelslikehome.

If you wanna know more about feelslikehome.at, just check out their promo video:


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