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Detailed Reviews

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80/100TrustYou Survey
Great and clean hostel. Staff is extremely friendly and the hostel is very well located close to tube station.
100/100TrustYou Survey
another great stay with wombats! thank you guys!
80/100TrustYou Survey
In general, I really enjoyed my stay. I made use of the washers and ate the delicious breakfast. My only complaint was that the internet speed was iffy or slow-not a huge deal, but I was sick while I stayed there and wanted nothing more than to relax and watch Netflix on my phone, which was impeded by the internet speed. I also would have liked a women’s only room option. It was also kind of far from the city center, but I imagine that’s not an easy thing to fix.
80/100TrustYou Survey
Good breakfast at a moderate prize
100/100TrustYou Survey
Great place to stay
80/100TrustYou Survey
Marie S.
The receptionist with the glasses is smiling and friendly 🙂 I stayed for 3 nights and NO WIFI Otherwise the rest is correct
100/100TrustYou Survey
I loved this hostel!! The people were very friendly, the atmosphere was inviting and energetic 🙂 the facilities were really nice and I had a blast!
80/100TrustYou Survey
Buen lugar buenas piezas, súper amplias, alojamos una noche, nos toco baño privado en una pieza de 6, nosotras éramos dos mujeres y impartíamos con 2 hombres ( en la mañana nos dimos cuenta que llegaron borrachos). Las camas muy cómodas sabanas extra limpias.el desayuno es muy bueno,vale la pena pagar. El internet es pésimo nunca funciono, los locker de la pieza no funcionaban, la ubicación es lejos para caminar pero en metro llegas a todas partes. Personal amable y puedes dejar tus bolsos ahí después del check out e irlos a buscar antes de irte.
100/100TrustYou Survey
Efficient and friendly. Generally clean (though the lobby bathrooms could have been more clean). Good connectivity and plenteous information/help about situating oneself in the city.
100/100TrustYou Survey
Erika E.
Friendly staff, nice, clean place. Easy to find. Close to Westbahnhof. Room is very clean and quiet. Keycard system worked perfectly.
80/100TrustYou Survey
Juliette C.
Pretty good hostel and well located (it’s just next to an underground station and a supermarket). Very friendly staff, clean and cozy common area, the kitchen is well equipped (free bread, pastas and tea), the room was clean, the bathroom was in the room. The breakfast could be more complete as it is said « healthy » but I still recommend it.
100/100TrustYou Survey
Great stay for one night. Top bunk was lower so I was unable to have outlet or light access. However, bathroom was clean, lockers were secure, and breakfast was good value.
100/100TrustYou Survey
Very nice stuff, great location, great breakfast for less than 5 eur a day. A free luggage storage room so you can leave the luggage even when you check out. Near subway, bus lines, stores and restaurants.
60/100TrustYou Survey
The recepcionist is not Very kindly When you ask sthg
60/100TrustYou Survey
Staff were polite, rooms were clean, bunks were fine but a little rickety, bathrooms were clean but suboptimal ventilation. There are nice common areas but there was no social vibe whatsoever. The hostel was occupied by a large grade-school-age group of kids as well, which significantly detracted from the hostel experience as a young adult solo traveler. The Nachsmarkt location, which I visited with a friend I met in the city, was a far superior experience. Ultimately I cut my trip here short to visit a different city, and would not stay here again.
20/100TrustYou Survey
Carlos M. D. R.
Dear Sir/Madam, I hope this email finds you well. I would like to bring my complaint, that would be also forwarded to the Austrian Consumer Office. First of all, I would like to say that prior to this unfortunate experience that took place this morning, I have been a host of Wombats in at least other 4 occassions and until this last one I have enjoyed the stay. I travel often to Viena because I am a student of WU at their Executive LLM Program, so I come to Viena every two weeks. I would like to narrate the facts for the Manager to decide if they are worth taking any actions. This morning I was waked up by the Wombats worker Jana, who entered the room (308) without prior knocking (I can be sure about that because I was sleeping at the buckbed next to the door) and started waking all the guest who were at the room calling for someone named Salim or something similar. Not an "excuse me" or "pardon" came out of her mouth. Jana is a young woman with short hair, thin and brown eyes. Initially she passed by my side and asked the other guests waking them up. She finally came up to me and asked again directly if I was Salim, I said no and she insisted asking who I was. I told her my name ans she asked if i had the checked out today and I said Yes. She told me that it was 10:40 already and that I will have to leave the room inmediatly. I reply to her that I will be taking a quick shower and leave. Jana told me that I have 15 minutes to leave the room. I went down to the reception as soon as I can, arriving at 11:10. I brough the sheets and the label with me as usual. When I request my ID to be returned Jana tells me that I have to pay 5 € penalty for leaving the room after 10. As I know from prior occasions, the Hostel has never requested me such penalty to be applicable and I believe that taking into account her own words she was already giving me the time to check out after such time. Furthermore, Jana told me that those are the rules of the house. I try to explain her that I have been a host of the Wombats in many occasions and that such penalty should not be applicable, besides because is a complete abuse and probably ilegal according to the lodging regulations. I explain my discontent with paying such penalty and she says that it is OK, but I will be included in a black list. My discontent, is inscreasing and I request to speak with the Manager. Initially Jana says that I am unable to speak with the manager, and then I ask for a complaint form, and Jana hands me white piece of paper... I have never lived such an absurd situation. In my home country, it is mandatory for Hotels to have an Official Complaint Form and it is a great deal for any commerce, and particularly Hotesl, not to have one. I insist on talking to the manager. After that, Vivian, a blond, thin girl (taller than Jana) arrives to the desk, Jana starts explaining the situationn German, which even I do not understand it is from my point of view a rudd and inappropiate behaviour for a Client perspective. Then, Vivian comes to me and says comes to me and says: I am the Manager, What is the problem? And I explain the situation to Vivian, the "manager". She tells me that, there are rules of the Hotel, that If I want she will not charge me the 5 € on my credit card but I will be included in a Blacl list and I will no longer be allowed to come back to Wombats. I explain to her that her own rule has been bent in other occasions but moreover in this case where Jana has told me that I have 15 minutes to get out of the bed and leave the Hostel, which I did in 20-25 minutes. Furthermore, Viviana is Argentinian and was speaking part of the conversation in spanish with me. I have called the Spanish Embassy urgency telephone in order to be informed of the process to initiate an official claim as a consumer before the Austrian Authorities against the Wombats Hostel. I will come back to Viena on the 10th of May and I intend to file such claim. Furthermore, I will bring this case to all the social media and other intermediary booking agencies to spead the word of the bad proceedings held by part of the Wombats Hostel personel. The fundamentals of my claim, would be the following: Clients are woken up by the personal Hotel for the search of certain people. Clients are chased to be kicked out of their room without the appropiate education. Clients are forced to pay penalties in case of leaving after the check out time (even if just 1 hour and 15 minutes late). Such penalty are not specifically established in the terms and conditions of the lodge agreement. This might imply a breach of legal conditions for visitors. Clients are given a white peace of paper to file their claim. This is absolutly outregeous because there is no guarantee that this will reach any management level. There is a black list for clients that does not bear any legal background. I shall study if according to the Data Protection Lesgislation there is any legal breach. Furthermore, Clients cannot be banned from attending/entering a open to public establishment unless certain requirements are met. Further to the legal backgrounds express above, what also bother me was the complete lack of education and proper client treatment provided by the Wombats workers, Jana and Viviana. I have been in other ocassions at the Wombats Hostel and I have received a great treatment by its staff. I wish to receive some feedback from the "managers" of the Hotel before proceeding with any further actions. Looking forward to your response. Kind regards, Carlos Maestre de R.
80/100TrustYou Survey
Yunika U.
Thanks for accommodating my stay even only for a night. I was happy to stay there without any major problem. My only concern is the small (tiny i could say) shower area which i have to squeeze myself. Hopefully it can be a concern when you build more hostel in the future.
80/100TrustYou Survey
So close to the westbahnhof
100/100TrustYou Survey
Dardan the guy from reception was extremely friendly, smart and very helpful.
80/100TrustYou Survey
Great place. Nice staff. Decent breakfast for 4 euro 90. Located close to Westbahnhof train station. The room was nice, everything was clean. Good place with a welcoming atmosphere.
100/100TrustYou Survey
Maria C. C.
I've been traveling through Europe for a month and Vienna was right in the middle of my journey. The hostel was the perfect place to stop, rethink, breath and keep going.
100/100TrustYou Survey
Maria E. F.
Amazing location, great staff, super clean and friendly, really good food at a very reasonable price. Definitely coming back!
80/100TrustYou Survey
Sam T.
The hostel was in a wonderful location so everything was easily accessible by tram, walking, etc. The rooms were very nice, but the WiFi was not good, so the entire time we were there I had to use data.
100/100TrustYou Survey
Had the best stay at womats! Friendly staff, clean facility, great environment.
40/100TrustYou Survey
Alright place good location but my stay was rough. There was a school trip staying here at the time and the kids were running and screaming all night. Also I woke up itching the second night and I'm covered in bites. My blanket seemed dirty but I mean who does that? Overall don't recommend and won't be back. Also might wanna check 211 for bed bugs.