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Thank you and Goodbye, Vienna Lounge!

Due to the ongoing crises of the whole travel industry for obvious reasons, we are forced to close our City Hostel Vienna The Lounge. We want to thank our team, our guests and our local friends for the great time we allhad there.
Of course, our Vienna City Hostel Naschmarkt remains open. Visit us there and grab a coffee at Wombat’s very first Café! 
Stay safe!
Marcus & Sascha
Founders Wombat’s


Very Good

3402 Reviews

Rated 4.1 / 5 based on reviews from all travelers.

Very good hostel. Close to Westbahnhof. Close to public transportation and the train station. Fantastic service. Awesome vibe.

Excellent hostel

Top 1% in city“Hostel correct, The hostel was spacious and modern, Wonderful hostel”

Excellent Economy Hostel

Top 3% in city“No complaints for the budget, Nice economical accommodation, Welcome drink for free”

Highlights from our Hostel

  • Service


    870 Reviews

    Efficient, friendly service with a nice reception.

    “Staff at reception were so so helpful and knowledgeable, Friendly and knowledgeable Staffs, Welcome drink for free”

  • Location


    975 Reviews

    Great location somewhat accessible by car.Near public transport, airport, and train station.Shopping, restaurants and bars in the area are great.Awesome sightseeing, but far from downtown.

    “Exceptionally close to the bus/train station, Loved having lots of places, Superb location”

  • Breakfast


    314 Reviews

    Great and affordable breakfast.

    “Excellent breakfeast, Breakfast is delicious, Free breakfasts”

  • Bar


    212 Reviews

    Excellent bar with great prices.

    “Great beer, Superb bar downstairs, Friendly bartender”

  • Food


    122 Reviews

    Good dining, with tidy restaurant and affordable prices.

    “Free popcorn machine, Including bread, Delicious food”

“Hostel correct” “Staff at reception were so so helpful and knowledgeable”


Good to Know!

  • Friendly atmosphere
    “Sociable atmosphere”
    “Friendly atmosphere”
  • Friendly service
    “Staff at reception were so so helpful and knowledgeable”
    “Friendly and knowledgeable Staffs”
  • Train station is close
    “Exceptionally close to the bus/train station”
    “Right by a major train/metro station in Vienna”