The Venice story

Since the very beginning of Wombat’s, expanding to Italy was high up on our bucket list. After 20 years in business, Wombat’s finally set foot on Italian soil in 2019. Welcome to Wombat’s The City Hostel Venice Mestre.
Our interior design is inspired by the city of bridges. The contrast of the opulence of Venice and functionality is the central theme here. To make it work, we simply took some of the opulent elements and stripped them down to their functional core. We didn’t get rid of all ornamentation of course but supplemented it with lots of lovely details. It’s this combination of style and convenience as well as the amazing folks working here already that makes you feel instantly at home. 

As you know, style is at the fore of Wombat’s, with a unique design of each hostel reflective of its cultural location. The interior of our newest Wombat’s here in Venice is inspired by the city of bridges and the lagoon. We wanted to combine the functionalism of a hostel and the opulence of this precious city. An we made it work, by breaking down the abundance of Venetian decor to its core and spreading the elements throughout the hostel. Be it the colours and shapes of the facades, the ornaments or the blue of the water –  we wanted our new hostel to reflect the feel of Venice.

We feel at home in Venice, we love and respect Venice.
And we want you to share this love and respect too. It’s not only great for your conscience, it adds up in establishing a more sustainable and responsible tourism. We want to contribute to a symbiotic relationship with the town and its locals. When you respect Venice, it opens up to you in a way it never will to trampling hordes of tourists. You may stray off the beaten path and make some real experiences, rather than just visiting tourist traps and overloaded photo spots.
So check out the quick guide on our blog to learn how to be one of the good guys and what responsible tourism can mean in a tourism-ridden place like Venice.

wombat's VENICE
The brand new Wombat’s opened in July 2019

Special Tip

The city deserves better than everybody hardly staying the night. Staying longer not only gives you a better experience, it’s also more sustainable and makes you a responsible traveller.