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8616 Reviews

Rated 4.4 / 5 based on reviews from all travelers.

Excellent hostel. Close to Venice City Centre. Awesome rooms and service in a great location. Awesome vibe.

Excellent Overall Ranking

Top 9% in city“Experience unforgettable, It was delicious, This hostel can be highly recommended”

Excellent hostel

Top 1% in city“This hostel can be highly recommended, Amazing, clean hostel, Downstairs of the hostel is amazing”

Excellent Dining Experience

Top 6% in city“The red jelly was SWEET strawberry jam, Not bring smelly food in the room”

Highlights from our Hostel

  • Location


    2682 Reviews

    Great location.Close to public transport and the train.Central location with great sightseeing, dining out and shopping.So-so car access and parking.Parking should be cheaper.

    “Superb walking tour, Environment is wonderful, Wonderful city”

  • Service


    2361 Reviews

    Efficient, friendly service with a nice reception.

    “Superb staff, Front desk were particularly amazing and went above and beyond, Reception: Amazing”

  • Vibe


    1069 Reviews

    Awesome vibe.Friendly atmosphere.Pleasant entrance area.Relatively modern hostel.Stylish hostel.Nice hostel.Good for traveling with friends.Suitable for solo travelers.

    “Delightful lobby, Delightful decor, Wonderful atmosphere”

  • Bar


    880 Reviews

    Great, affordable bar with good drinks.

    “Delicious cocktails, Amazing bar, Amazing and cheap bar”

  • Amenities


    1255 Reviews

    Awesome terrace.Great conference area and nice entrance area.Elevator in need of updating.

    “Delightful lobby, Delightful decor, Amazing facilities”

“This hostel can be highly recommended” “The red jelly was SWEET strawberry jam”


Good to Know!

  • Friendly atmosphere
    “Wonderful atmosphere”
    “Loved the music”
  • Train station is close
    “Very close Munich hbf”
    “Very close to the Munich main train station”
  • Friendly service
    “Staff is super wonderful and helpful”
    “Host was very kind”
  • Spacious rooms
    “Lockers in the rooms are a great size”
    “Rooms to be clean and spacious”