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Very Good

2039 Reviews

Rated 4.2 / 5 based on reviews from all travelers.

Very good hostel. Close to Hauptbahnhof. Great location. Awesome vibe.

Excellent hostel

Top 1% in city“Hostel looks nice, modern, Super nice Hostel, Highly recommend this hostel”

Excellent Restaurants & Bars

Top 8% in city“Food joints near by”

Highlights from our Hostel

  • Location


    479 Reviews

    Well-located, although unfortunately the parking isn’t easy.Close to public transport and the train.Centrally located, near restaurants, bars, and shopping.

    “Wonderful city, Beautiful hospital, A great spot for exploring the city”

  • Vibe


    177 Reviews

    Awesome vibe.Friendly atmosphere.Pleasant entrance area.Modern hostel.Stylish hostel.Nice hostel.Suitable for solo travelers.

    “Hostel looks nice, modern, Facilities were modern and very clean, Totally loved the atmosphere”

  • Amenities


    262 Reviews

    Excellent terrace and entrance area.

    “Facilities were modern and very clean, Common areas are awesome, Winter garden is very cozy”

  • Service


    452 Reviews

    Friendly, acceptably professional service.

    “Hotel staff was outstanding, Hospitable staff, Wonderful ladies at the reception”

  • Food


    48 Reviews

    Average dining experience, with good food.

    “All you can eat buffet great, Tasty pizzas and beers at the bar, Free food”

“Hostel looks nice, modern” “Food joints near by”


Good to Know!

  • Good kitchenette
    “Kitchen is open”
    “Well equipped kitchen”
  • Train station is close
    “Close to Hauptbahnhof”
    “Next to the train station and city center”
  • Friendly atmosphere
    “Quiet atmosphere”
    “Fun place to stay”