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Marienplatz Named after the column of the Virgin Mary, the square is famous for its neo-Gothic Town Hall, whose mechanical clock, or Glockenspiel, plays at 11am, 12 pm (always), and 5pm (summer only). It starts with a Bavarian jouster fighting a French one (guess who wins), followed by a Coopers Dance to keep the plague away. The tower of the nearby oldest church in Munich (12th century) is named “Alter Peter”. From its gallery you have the greatest view over Munich including a stunning panorama of the Alps on a clear day. The EUR 1.50 won’t so much take you aback as the app. 300 steps you have to climb. Also harness yourself against the Devil who tries to pull it down sometimes.

Viktualienmarkt and its adjacent beer garden is also a nice place to check out. It is the farmers‘ market and right at Marienplatz. Beware! The shop men go nuts if you dare to touch their goods!

Odeonsplatz & Ludwigstraße When Bavaria teamed up with Napoleon against what was left of Germany, Maximilian I was adequately rewarded – he could call himself “king” now. King of a backwater, but still: king! The following wars turned out to be flops, but the winners (Prussia and Austria) wanted to avoid pissing off Max – they already were planning a war against each other and needed allies – so his power was left untouched and his kingdom became even a tad bit bigger. In 1816, he commissioned a project to reflect his ambitions: the Odeonsplatz square was built with the Feldherrnhalle, a monument honoring Bavaria’s ever-unsuccessful military commanders (by the way, Hitler’s “Beer Hall Putsch” was stopped here in 1923)  and Ludwigstraße (named after his son, Ludwig I) with an array of neo-classical buildings. On its northern end, the Siegestor triumph arc was finished in 1852 to honor the victory over Napoleon. Err… wait! He was our ally! We lost! See, we already had spin doctors here when American presidents still brought their goats to the White House!

 [6] Nymphenburg Palace (Tram 17 from Hauptbahnhof, get off at Schloss Nymphenburg). When the Bavarian royals packed up to leave town, this is where they headed. The spacious palace park – a true kingdom for people out walking – enchants with watercourses and pavilions.