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Bavarian phrases
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Bavarian phrases

Some useful Bavarian phrases

good morning Moang
good day (for any time of day) Servus
good evening
Meaning: see you Pfiadti
Thank you Donkschee
Hello and goodbye Servus und Pfiadti
One single ticket, please. Oa Oanzlkoadn bittschee One 24 hours ticket, please Oa tageskoadn bittschee
Where is the closest subway station? Wo isn d’näxde U-Bahn?
1 big beer, please Oa Hoibe/Mass (wie nass, NICHT Maaaaß!!!) bittschee
2 big beers please Zwoa ….
5 “Jägerbombs” please ein Bayer trinkt keine Jägerbombs
1 glas/bottle of red/white wine, please I häd gern a Glasl/Floschn rodn/woaßn Wein
One coffee with milk, please Oan Muichkooffeee bittschee
You have beautiful eyes! Jo mai hosd du scheene Augn!
Please Bittschee
How do you do? Wia gehds da?
I`m fine Mia gehds guad!
I´m a Wombat I bin a Wombat
Help me! Huif ma!
Can I get your phone number? Kanndad I dei Numma hom?
How much is it? Wia fui kosd etz dees?
Cheers! Mercä dia!
I´m thirsty! I hob an Duaschd
I´m drunk! I bin fai g’scheid bsuffa!
Shit Gruzifix / Zefix
Fuck off! Schleich di!
Night Nochd
Day Doog
I would like to work at Wombats Hostels! I mechad gean im Wobats oaban
You are welcome Gern g’schee