*Best rates only available on our website!*
*Best rates only available on our website!*

Walk-Ins Welcome! Tasty Brekkie at Wombat's City Hostels

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Picture this: You wake up in one of Europe's vibrant cities, ready to explore its hidden gems and cultural delights. But before you embark on your adventures, why not fuel up with a breakfast that's as fantastic as the day ahead?

Wombat's breakfast is a culinary delight available to both hostel guests and walk-ins craving a scrumptious start to their day.

Available at all Wombat's hostels in London, Vienna, Munich, and Budapest, our tantalizing breakfast offers incredible value for money. For between €6.90 and €7.90 (or £7.40 in London), you can treat yourself to a morning feast that'll leave you energized and ready to seize the day.

Here’s what’s included:

- Freshly cut ham and cheese;
- Creamy hummus, alongside freshly cut vegetables;
- An array of bread, rolls, and toast from our bread station;
- Homemade porridge & granola, served with yogurt;
- Fruit salad & veggie sticks; and
- Last but not least, the signature Wombat’s crowd of international backpackers and friendly locals!

Enjoy unlimited free extras to customize your meal to perfection. And let's not forget about our high-quality bottomless coffee – brewed from our own Wombat’s breakfast roast – to perk you up and get you ready to take on the day. If you prefer tea or hot chocolate, we've got you covered. We also offer alternative milk products like oat milk for your dietary preferences.

And here's a bonus for families: Children up to the age of 6 can enjoy our Tasty Brekkie for free!

If you are in a hurry - fret not! You can simply drop in, grab our outstanding coffee to go, prepared by our skilled baristas at the WomCAFÉ, and pair it with a quick snack to keep yourself fuelled up.

Our breakfast offerings follow our overall philosophy: the highest quality ingredients for a reasonable price, sourced from regional partners with a focus on sustainability and a commitment to catering to individual tastes.

As your host, we have your back - because every great day begins with a great breakfast! Or sometimes, a great night ends with it. ;-)

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