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1964 Reviews

Rated 4.3 / 5 based on reviews from all travelers.

Very good budget hostel. Good for sightseeing with access to public transportation. Great room. Awesome vibe.

Excellent hostel

Top 1% in city“Hostel was perfect for, Fantastic hostel, My fav hostel”

Excellent Economy Hostel

Top 1% in city“Solo travel friendly, Great for a budget, Good budget stay”

Highlights from our Hostel

  • Location


    386 Reviews

    Great location.Near enough to the city centre, with great sightseeing, shopping, and dining.Close to public transport and the train.

    “Excellent part of town, Locality excellent, I love the environment”

  • Vibe


    191 Reviews

    Awesome vibe.Friendly atmosphere.Relatively modern hostel.Pleasant entrance area.Stylish hostel.Fine for a budget trip.Nice hostel.Suitable for solo travelers.

    “Superb atmosphere, Welcoming place to stay, Modern building”

  • Amenities


    213 Reviews

    Excellent terrace and entrance area.Elevator in need of updating.

    “Modern building, Wonderful facilities, Lockers Loved”

  • Service


    520 Reviews

    Generally good service, though professionalism is only so-so.

    “Welcoming staff, Cleaning staff do a wonderful job, Awesome front desk”

  • Bar


    155 Reviews

    Great, affordable bar with good drinks.

    “Quick beer, Amazing bartenders, Bar downstairs was so amazing as well”

“Hostel was perfect for” “Modern building”


Good to Know!

  • Friendly atmosphere
    “Superb atmosphere”
    “Welcoming place to stay”
  • Impressive bathroom
    “Amazing rain shower”
    “Amazing rain showers”
  • Spacious rooms
    “Spacious shower room”
    “Huge kitchen”
  • Great shower
    “Amazing rain shower”
    “Amazing rain showers”