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3809 Reviews

Rated 4.3 / 5 based on reviews from all travelers.

Very good budget hostel. Great pool. Great location. Awesome vibe.

Great Overall Ranking

Top 17% in city“Highly recommend this hostel, , highly recommend., Would highly recommend staying here”

Excellent hostel

Top 1% in city“Hostel was perfect for, Fantastic hostel, Highly recommend this hostel”

Excellent Economy Hostel

Top 1% in city“Solo travel friendly, Great for a budget, Good budget stay”

Highlights from our Hostel

  • Bar


    338 Reviews

    Great, affordable bar with good drinks.

    “Wonderful downstairs bar and breakfast area, Amazing bartenders, Amazing bar”

  • Vibe


    367 Reviews

    Awesome vibe.Friendly atmosphere.Modern hostel.Stylish hostel.Pleasant entrance area.Fine for a budget trip.Nice hostel.Good for traveling with friends.

    “Superb atmosphere, Welcoming place to stay, Decor was awesome”

  • Service


    920 Reviews

    Service is professional and friendly.

    “Staff are phenomenal, Awesome front desk, Amazing bartenders”

  • Location


    757 Reviews

    Good location, but hard to reach by car.Close to public transport and the train.Central location with great sightseeing, dining out and shopping.

    “Excellent part of town, Locality excellent, Excellent transport connections nearby”

  • Amenities


    432 Reviews

    Excellent terrace and entrance area.

    “Sparkling clean, nice interiors, Wonderful facilities, Lockers Loved”

“Hostel was perfect for” “Beautiful view”


Good to Know!

  • Good kitchenette
    “Spacious kitchen”
    “Kitchen is also very well equipped”
  • Friendly atmosphere
    “Superb atmosphere”
    “Welcoming place to stay”
  • Spacious rooms
    “Rooms are spacious and clean”
    “Spacious shower room”
  • Impressive bathroom
    “Amazing rain showers”
    “Fantastic bathroom”