The Venice Story

Ever since wombat’s started expanding Italy was high up on the bucket list. After 20 years in business wombat’s finally set foot on Italian soil in 2019. Welcome to wombat’s VENICE Mestre.
The interior design is inspired by the city of bridges. The contrast of the oppulence of Venice and functionality is the central topic. So we took some of the oppulent elements and stripped them down to their functional core. Nevertheless we have combined this approach with lots of lovely details. It’s this combination and the amazing folks working there already that makes you feel home instantly.

wombat's VENICE
The brand new Wombat’s opened only in July 2019

Special Deal

Don’t treat Venice like a bitch. The city deserves better than everybody hardly staying the night and leave in a rush. Staying longer not only gives you a better experience, it’s also more sustainable and makes you a responsable traveller.
Stay 4 or more nights, get 20% off.