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Very Good

4745 Reviews

Rated 4.2 / 5 based on reviews from all travelers.

Very good budget Hostel. Good for sightseeing and has nearby restaurants and bars.

Excellent Economy Hostel

Top 1% in city“Great budget Hostel, Good budget option, Solo I would recommend”

Great City Hostel

Top 14% in city“Right in the heart of the city, Right in the city centre, Right in the city”

Highlights from our Hostel

  • Location


    1476 Reviews

    Great location with good access by car.Central location with great sightseeing, dining out and shopping.Near public transport, airport, and train station.

    “The city was amazing, Amazing pub crawls, Sensational location”

  • Service


    1184 Reviews

    Warm service and reception, but bar service lacking.Housekeeping and management are lacking.Great Hostel security.Recreation staff is nice.Standard laundry service.

    “Check-in and check-out was flawless, Amazing and extremely helpful staff, Congratulations for the service”

  • Breakfast


    451 Reviews

    Great and affordable breakfast.

    “Awesome buffet breakfast, Breakfast was so delicious, Yummy breakfast”

  • Room


    1554 Reviews

    Decent kitchenettes and average room cleanliness.Bathrooms are large but with substandard cleaning.Rooms are big, but old and lacking maintenance with subpar furniture.Poor televisions, air conditioning, and beds.Shower can be a problem.

    “AC was working, Mattress wasn’t dirty, Bathroom floor was cracked and dirty”

  • WiFi


    246 Reviews

    Wifi quality could be improved.Free internet.

    “Horrible Wi-Fi, Internet sucks, Awful wi-fi in the room”

“Great budget Hostel” “Staff are always smiling and happy to help”


Good to Know!

  • Friendly atmosphere
    “The hostel is welcoming”
    “Atmosphere of the hostel is amazing”
  • Nice building
    “Facilities were spotless”
    “Elegant staircase”