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Group booking

Fill out our group form below to contact our reservations department about a new booking. Alternatively, you can also contact us via e-mail at:

For reservations of minimum 15 travellers we can make a special offer!
Package rates: breakfast included and private dormitories (gender-separated if requested).

Additionally, you can organize and pay your whole stay in advance through our group booking department.

Please note:
– We can apply these special group conditions only to a restricted amount of reservations depending on occupancy.

Communication through our group department will be processed in English.

– We have a general minimum age restriction of 18 years.

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Jó éjt budapest!

Due to the non-transparent and complicated Covid-Situation in Hungary, we are forced to temporarily close our City Hostel Budapest. 
We will monitor the situation closely and will reopen our hostel in Budapest in spring 2021. 
Thank you for your patience and stay safe! 
Marcus & Sascha
Founders Wombat’s