Summer Feeling in Budapest

Erzsébet Square

Erzsébet Square is a huge green square in the city center with fountain next to Deák tér.  It is a great park in the middle of the city, where students and young people are gathering to have a chat with friends or drink something after work, or before a night-out! You will find bars with recycled furniture, small snacks, skatebording areas, muscians and artists and a lot of young peaople hanging around. There’s also a Bar called AquaBar, it’s underneath a pool with a glass floor. So you can either sit at the pool and hold your dip your feet in the water or sit in the bar and watch the people dipping their feet 😉
From our wombat’s just follow Király u. towards Deák Ferenc Tér and turn right when you come to Karóly Krt. It’s a 5 minutes walk, literally around the corner.

Erzsébet térErzsébet térErzsébet tér


It´s only 2 minutes walk from Wombats Budapest!


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