The Trail to the Perfect Wiener Schnitzel!

Wiener schnitzel photo

Wiener schnitzel

Our guests are famous for cooking the most delicious meals in our hostels’ kitchens. We have seen so much different feasts from different countries, prepared with basic ingredients on a small budget – thanks for all the inspiration, folks!

But the key insight from the food thing was: the best way to understand a country is to understand (and eat!!!) its cuisine… And to learn about Austria, our guests should learn about the “Wiener Schnitzel“!

For your info: The “Wiener Schnitzel” (Engl.: Viennese Schnitzel or escalope) is one of the most popular meals of the unique cuisine of Vienna and part of the Austrian cultural heritage.

Learn how to cook a delicious Wiener Schnitzel

wiener schnitzel cooking class and recipe, ViennaThat’s why we invented the WOM-COOK, our legendary Wiener Schnitzel Tour in Vienna. It takes you on the trail to the perfect Schnitzel: Meeting point is every Friday at 11 a.m. at our wombats CITY HOSTEL at “The Naschmarkt”. Together with other travellers you head out to buy all the necessary ingredients. Along the way our “Schnitzel-Guides” will teach you about the tradition of Viennese food and its origins.

After that the group returns to the kitchen at our wombats hostel “The Naschmarkt”, where you prepare your own Schnitzel. In the end, all participants will eat their masterworks and a judging panel of Austrian “cuisine experts” will reward the best one. And rumour has it that after these Schnitzel-Sessions the participants team up to explore Vienna together – cuisine is connecting people.

The tour costs 19 € and includes all the ingredients. For more information just contact the reception staff in our Viennese hostels.

So see you at one of our WOM-COOK tours and enjoy your Schnitzel. Mahlzeit!!! (The Austrian saying for “bon appetit“/“enjoy your meal“).

[womphotocredits]Photo of Wiener Schnitzel © jenniferwoodardmaderazo under CC BY 2.0 license.[/womphotocredits]

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