womTunes: vote for Bensh at the Amadeus Music Award

After winning a lot of hostel awards recently, wombats is now entering the stage of music awards…

…well, it’s rather not wombats itself but our lovely receptionist Benjamin-Zsolt Zombori: his music project “Bensh” is nominated for the Amadeus Austrian Music Awards. Due to massive radio airplay of three singles and their recent album release “Clues” they have been selected for the category “FM4 Award”.

Vote for Bensh!
Help the wombats community and support Bensh by giving them your vote on the radio FM4 website. Big thanks!

Bensh or Bensh?
“Bensh” is both the artist name of Benjamin and the name of his band, consisting of Bensh, Sion Trefor and Sevo. They play topnotch “cosmopolitan” noisepop, mixing influences from many of the most eclectic places in pop Bensh has travelled in the last six years: from the Austrian Alps to the United Kingdom, from Japan to Germany to Iceland and back through Europe.

So Benjamin is a real traveller and that’s what brought him to wombats: He’s now working at the reception of our wombats CITY HOSTEL “The Lounge”, which is a good balance to the music work in the studio. “I just love the contact with people from all over the world at wombats,” Benjamin told us. “Guests and employees are meeting each other very open and friendly. And it’s great fun.”

For more info visit the Bensh website and facebook page.

And here’s my favourite song from Bensh:

Carnival in wombats!

Every year a blast! Carnival is one of the funniest times for us in “everyday hostel life”. Good mood, nice people, great parties and lots of fun – we love it as much as our guests love it!

Here’s a small selection of pics from our carnival parties, themed as „Sexy Nurse“ and „Toga-Party“. But beware: The people on the pictures are experienced carnival professionals – don’t try this at home. Anyway, we would love to see you at our carnival parties next year!

Find more pics on our wombats Facebook Fanpage!

And the Hoscar goes to… WOMBATS!!!

Lars, happy and proud, with one of the awards

For the hostel business the “Hoscar” is the same as the “Oscar” for the movie industry: the world’s most prestigious awards. It stands for “Hostelworld.com Customers Annual Ratings. This means, it is voted by more than 1 million customers a year, who book their bed via Hostelworld.com and rate their hostel on criteria like character, location, staff, cleanliness, fun and security. For the Hoscars 2012, more than 25.000 hostels and low budget hotels all over the world were eligible…

…and yesterday was the great day – Hostelworld.com held it’s big Hoscar 2012 Award Ceremony in Dublin. Lars from the wombats Holding was there for us… And he was really thrilled and proud, as wombats won – believe it or not – 8 (E-I-G-H-T) Hoscar Awards:

  • WINNER “No.1 Extra Large Hostel Worldwide” wombats CITY HOSTEL Berlin
  • WINNER “Most popular Hostel in Munich” wombats CITY HOSTEL Munich
  • WINNER “Most popular Hostel in Vienna” wombats CITY HOSTEL Vienna “THE LOUNGE”
  • WINNER “Most popular Hostel in Berlin” wombats CITY HOSTEL Berlin
  • No. 3 “Best Large Hostel Chain Worldwide” wombats CITY HOSTELS
  • No. 3 “Extra Large Hostel Worldwide” wombats CITY HOSTEL Munich
  • Nominee for “Best Extra Large Hostel Worldwide”  wombats CITY HOSTEL Vienna “THE BASE”
  • No. 10 “Large Hostel Worldwide” wombats CITY HOSTEL Vienna “THE LOUNGE”
Well, what more to say? I think we just want to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!
Thanks to all our employees who are doing such a good job! And thanks to all our guests who are having such great times in our hostels and thus making our job so much more fun!
You are awesome, you rock!!!

Hell yeah! wombats opens a hostel in Budapest!

© Doris Schreyvogel

Budapest is one of the most upcoming and most awesome city for travellers: So many historical sights, the beautiful Danube in the centre, a great nightlife and countless things to do. That’s why we are veeeeery proud to announce that a new Budapest hostel will open right in the centre of the city.

And it will be big time: 112 rooms with 461 beds! However, there will be loads of work until we can welcome the first guests. Right now the building is a 4 star hotel and we want to turn it into a 5 star hostel in pretty ‘wombats style’ until June 2012 (this will be the expected opening date).

The wombats founders Sascha and Marcus are happy to enter the future wombats building

And that’s the plan: Outside, we will leave the face of the building as it is (it’s beautiful). Inside, there will be grave changes, as we want to give the rooms a whole new design. And there will be all the goodies you know from our other hostels, for example a big womBar as place to meet other travellers, chill out or make some decent party.

For more information just have a look at the official website of the wombats CITY HOSTEL Budapest or our Facebook page. You can already book your bed for your stay in the Hungarian capital. We will be happy to welcome you in Budapest!

wombats and the kids – happy Birthday to the “Kindernothilfe”!

The Austrian aid organisation „Kindernothilfe“ helps children in economically weaker regions of the world to grow up in dignity and with basic needs and education. Recently the organisation celebrated its 15th anniversary.


As wombats, for some years now, is supporting projects of the “Kindernothilfe” around the world, we think this anniversary is a good opportunity to present the organisation to our womBlog readers. Therefore we asked the “Kindernothilfe” secretary Luzia Widibal for an interview. She told us about the cooperation with wombats, about travelling as a luxury good and what travellers can do to support the people in indigent regions.

Hi Luzia! Since when are you cooperating with the wombats City Hostels?

Hi. It was in 2008, when Doris from the wombats contacted me and asked for cooperation. The idea was that every hostel sponsors one of our projects to achieve an enduring support. The wombats projects are situated in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Eastern Europe, mostly helping orphans and kids in situations of grave poverty.

How do your projects help children fulfilling their basic needs?

Firstly our projects have two focuses: Securing nutrition and medical aid on the one hand and education on the other hand. Beyond that we plan to improve regional structures and the incomes of the families. This causes permanent improvements for the whole life of the growing child.

Travelling is something that we, central Europeans, take for granted, something that many of us do from our childhood on. But isn’t it more like a privilege or a luxury good? Something that’s not available to all children around the world?

Indeed. Children in poverty have totally different needs. They strive for regular nutrition or medical aid, for them it is a privilege to attend a school. Travelling is something that comes rather on the top of the “pyramid of needs”.

Tourists often spend their holidays in poor regions of the world, but without getting in contact to the local people and their poverty. What can a traveller do to support the local people and communities?

luzia wibiral kindernothilfe

Foto ©Doris Kucera

It depends on what kind of trip and aid you choose. Basically it is always good to travel off the beaten track and avoid “classic” touristy places. This way you visit more indigenous places and support the local communities through your travel expenses.

Another important point is to show responsibility and respect to the people, the culture and the environment of the country you are visiting. Beyond that you can help by supporting aid organisations that are working in the country you travel, for instance by taking child sponsorship.

Is it also possible to support projects personally? Can travellers work in projects of the “Kindernothilfe”?

Sure it would be possible, but it’s probably not reasonable. The “Kindernothilfe” always aims to work with local partner-organisations and employees. This proved to be the best way to improve the local communities in the long run. Therefore, a short-term collaboration of a traveller would just take away tasks from the natives. But it’s always possible to visit projects; we also like to help travellers to find projects along their travel route!

Everyone in Europe is currently talking about the economic crisis. How does the crisis affect the willingness of people and corporations, to support aid organisations or donate to charity projects?

In times like these you see who is serious about supporting the poor. The “Kindernothilfe” has the advantage that many of are projects are based on permanent child sponsorships. These donators have a special relationship to the kids and know much about their life conditions. Therefore they know how hard the crises affects people in economically weaker regions and are willing to support them.

That’s why I want to take this opportunity to thank all of our supporters!

It’s on!!! Curtains up for the wombat’s Blog!

Hello friends, hello to all the wombats people, guests, backpackers and travellers out there!

Remember, remember the 15th of December… It’s a great day because we just launched our brand new wombat’s Blog. “wombat’s what?” some of you might ask now…

…the wombat’s Blog (the womBlog), our new online magazine (hint: you’re reading it right now :)).

It will keep you up to date about the latest news and funny stories out of the wombats world… And insights into the hostel life and our staff’s daily work… pics from parties in our womBars… experiences of our guests… sightseeing recommendations and insider tips from our employees to guide you through the wombats cities… And much, much, muuuuuch more!

The articles in the wombat’s Blog are written from the wombats people working in the hostels and the management. But that’s just the start! We invite all friends and guests to contribute to our womBlog, to share your wombats experience or your travel pictures with our readers. Or use the comment function to give us feedback or ideas for new stories. We are looking forward to your participation!

With this in mind, we wish you happy reading and just say: