If you are currently in need of a place to stay in Vienna, Budapest or Munich, please contact us!

Wombat’s provides family rooms for war refugees from Ukraine free of charge.
Please contact our booking desks and we will try to accommodate as long as we have rooms available.

Если вам сейчас нужно жилье в Вене, Будапеште или Мюнхене, свяжитесь с нами!

Wombat’s бесплатно предоставляет семейные номера для беженцев войны из Украины. Пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами, мы постараемся разместить вас, пока у нас есть свободные номера

Якщо вам потрібен прихисток у Відні, Мюнхені чи Будапешті, будь-ласка, звяжіться з нами.

Wombat’s безкоштовно надає сімейні кімнати для біженців війни з України. Будь-ласка, зверніться до нас на рецепції і ми, за наявності, якнайшвидше знайдемо кімнату для вас.

Wombat’s Budapest

Király u. 20, H-1061
Call us: +36 1 883 50 05

Wombat’s Vienna Naschmarkt

Rechte Wienzeile 35, A-1040 Vienna
Call us: +43 1 89 72 336

Wombat’s Munich Hauptbahnhof

Senefelderstraße 1, D-80336 München
Call us: +49 895 998 918-0

We ask you to show us your travel documents so that we can allow you to receive this assistance.

При себе необходимо иметь проездные документы, наличие которых позволят Вам получить эту помощь.

Якщо вам потрібен прихисток у Відні, Мюнхені чи Будапешті, будь-ласка, звяжіться з нами.

Please also check out Hospitality Support online – a platform we have teamed up with where you will be able to find shelter in different cities provided by Hotels & Hostels.

Пожалуйста, также ознакомьтесь с онлайн-платформой-гостеприимства, в которой мы также зарегистрировались, где вы сможете найти убежище в разных городах.

Будь ласка, також заходьте на нашу онлайн платформу,яку ми розробили з командою для того, щоб ви мали змогу знайти прихисток у різних містах від компанії Hotels & Hostels.

Link to Hospitality Helps

Peace – мир

As we have all learned by now, long-term plans are something to be careful with at the moment but being the fearless optimists that we are, we’ve plucked up the courage to give you a preview.


This initiative starting in 2022 aims to further strengthen the – already rather strong – bond Wombat’s has with the international music scene. To further emphasize our cultural responsibility we will not only offer discounted “Shelter for Music Travelers”, but also host live shows and even tours by singer-songwriters across our houses.

Our guests are guaranteed some reliably unexpected entertainment – no admissions charge of course.


Our new womBar-Concept has already successfully been implemented in Vienna, and next up is our City Hostel London. Starting within the next couple of months we will be shouting it from rooftops there as well: “It’s toasted, Baby!”

Speaking of food & drinks – The already legendary Wavebreaker, our very own Collab-Brew with the Viennese Ottakringer brewery is currently being bottled!

This time around we have created a very palatable, slightly fruity Ale with Guarana as an energy source for eventful nights ;-) Available at your nearest Wombat’s City Hostel soon…

Tasty Breakkie

At the end of a long night, or the beginning of a long day – two situations all too familiar to people traveling– you need a proper breakfast. A breakfast for people who are hungry for life.

It is exactly those people who will love our new Tasty Brekkie. Classic or vegan with fresh, regional ingredients and a modular setup. At our Wombat’s City Hostel in Vienna we’re currently working on the last small fine-tunings and are expecting to be able to offer our new breakfast concept in our other houses starting in the second quarter of 2022.

The same is true for our Wombat’s Café. In Vienna, we’re already enjoying our Signature Wombat’s Roast and cozy atmosphere. Starting soon, our Viennese coziness-export will be available in our City Hostel London and City Hostel Budapest.

Munich Werksviertel

Our highlight in 2022 however… *drumroll*…… the long-awaited opening of our Wombat’s City Hostel Munich “Werksviertel”. After pandemic and a construction site flooding just days before the initial opening date we’re pretty confident we will actually make it happen this time – Unless Godzilla himself is blocking our entry, that is.

Can’t wait to see you there!

This concludes a rough overview of Wombat’s in 2022 – so long as there’s no virus or anything forcing a change of plans. Here’s to a relaxed and joyful travel season in 2022. Let’s hope we’ll be able to celebrate in our new spacious “Schanigarten” in our Wombat’s City Hostel Vienna.

Cheers & stay safe!

Dear friends,

It was a year full of challenges and surprises, full of long-awaited embraces and painful goodbyes. The next year might not – but could definitely be better. We for one wouldn’t mind.

As we navigate through this mess, time and time again we come to realize:
Business is important, sure. But friends are more important and health, health stands above all else.
Because without health, what business is there to be done anyway?

The occasional party flare ups in 2021 showed us one thing – we still got it. And things will be like they used to, eventually.

We’ll stay the way we are. We will await you and look back on this crazy time together and full of relief. Here’s to being able to be crazy again – the way we want to.

With that said, we want to wish you all happy holidays, a merry Christmas and nothing but the best for the coming year!

We can’t wait to see you all again.

Marcus & Sascha + team at Wombat’s City Hostel Vienna

& the entire teams at…

It’s a weird holiday season coming up. Even though there are lots of restrictions, there are still places where a new normal can be found and where you can enjoy some Christmas kitsch and mulled wine during your city trips.

London: Christmas By The River

Just a 15 minute walk away from our Wombat‘s The City Hostel London (across Tower Bridge!) you can enjoy one of London’s most instagrammable Christmas markets! “Christmas By The River” is set against stunning views of Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.

It’s the perfect location for a nice stroll between wooden huts packed with original presents, handmade crafts and plenty of delicious food offerings. A steaming cup of mulled wine will help you enjoy the humid London winter beside to the River Thames.

Of course, the whole city of London is sprinkled with Christmas markets during the holiday season. Some highlights include Covent Garden Christmas Village (with igloo style dining!), Southbank Market (with view of Big Ben on the other side of the Thames) and the festively decorated historical Borough Market.

London By The River is open until January, 2nd.

Budapest: Comeback of City’s Tradition

This year, to save me from tears… Budapest has reopened its Christmas Markets after las year’s cancellations due to Corona.

Christmas Markets in Budapest have a strong tradition and are considered among the most beautiful markets in Europe. As they attract hundreds of thousands of tourists each year, you can imagine how important the events are for the city and its population. In order to be able to open the markets’ doors, the city has decided to restrict entry to only vaccinated and recovered persons.

One of Budapest’s most popular and beautiful markets is Advent Bazlica on St Stephan’s. Here, you’ll find a spectacular setting, great atmosphere and an all-day program for all family members.

Advent Bazilika (open until January, 1st) is just a 10 minute walk away from our Wombat’s The City Hotel Budapest!

Munich & Vienna: Please Stand By

Vienna hast just reopened its doors after a 2-weeks-lockdown. Wombat’s City Hostel Vienna is open for bookings from Dec. 27th!

Munich has cancelled all Christmas Markets but outdoor gastronomy is still open (for vaccinated and recovered individuals). Of course, some boundaries are blurred, as is the case for Viktualienmarkt which is currently still open and decorated. You are always safe to have a good night drink at Wombat’s The City Hostel Munich “Hauptbahnhof” ;-) Of course, we will keep you posted about the Corona-related developments in these cities.

Stay safe!

November, 20th, is World Children’s Day!

This special day was first established in 1954 as Universal Children’s Day and is celebrated to promote international togetherness and to raise awareness of, and improve children’s welfare worldwide.

November 20th is significant because on this date in 1959 when the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. On the same date in 1989 when the UN General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

We at Wombat’s want to celebrate World Children’s Day with you – and with a very important organisation that’s celebrating its 25th anniversary this year: the “Kindernothilfe Österreich”.

This Austrian non-profit association that was founded in 1996 with the aim of giving as many children as possible in the poorest regions of the world a better life. For 25 years now, they have been operating in more than 30 countries implementing projects for sustainable development, providing humanitarian aid and working towards the elimination of poverty.

Wombat’s City Hostels is a proud long-time partner and supporter of “Kinderhilfe Österreich”. Marcus and Sascha, Wombat’s bosses: “We don’t just talk about social responsibility, we want to live it. We want to accompany children in the long term in order to bring about sustainable change.”

Wombat’s founders Marcus & Sascha

Thanks, Kindernothilfe for this nice blog-entry! And if you want to support them – please click here!

Our Team of Wombat’s City Hostel Munich “Hauptbahnhof”
Heart for kids (and dogs): our team of City Hostel Budapest
We are family: Wombat’s City Hostel Vienna
“We want to live social responsibility”: Wombat’s head office team

Due to the pandemic, the 2020 festive season was everything but festive. However, at the moment 2021 is looking better. That’s why travellers can once again enjoy some of the events that were paused last year..

One such event is the ice rink at London’s Natural History Museum. After last year’s break, it is back and has already opened its doors! A great way to have some open-air fun with friends in a gorgeous surrounding. This year, visiting the ice rink is essential, as it will be the last chance to skate next to the museum. After 16 years of skating fun, the space will be transformed into a biodiversity hub as part of the museum’s Urban Nature Project.

Don’t worry, London has many more places to slide and glide: ice rink at Canary Wharf (already open), Alexandra Palace (open), Somerset House (from Nov., 17th), Queen’s House (from Nov., 18th), Hampton Court Palace (from Nov., 19th) and Hyde Park Winter Wonderland (from Nov., 19th). All these places are easily reached via public transportation from our London City Hostel!

Music & Lights in Munich

The renowned Tollwood Festival in Munich takes place twice a year and its winter edition is anything but a regular Christmas market. From November, 24th, onwards, you can dive into a fantasy world with lights, music, arts and great food.

Fire and light elements characterise this year’s winter festival, as you will see in the light paintings, 12-metre high firebird sculpture and the large-scale fire theatre! All this creates a special atmosphere on the festival grounds.

New this winter is a Magical Forest – a wintery, festive area with a 12-metre-high Christmas tree made of glitter balls at its centre. Also new are four curling rinks that, in keeping with the Tollwood philosophy, do not require electricity or water and promise a fun seasonal experience.

Photo: Bernd Wackerbauer

The certified organic Tollwood catering invites you on a culinary journey around the world – from Indian street food to fragrant tajines. Generally, the festival focuses on sustainability and also showcases an environmental action site.

Theresienwiese is a 12 minutes subway ride (U4 or U5) from our Wombat’s City Hostel München “Hauptbahnhof”.

Vienna: Laid Back & Half Outdoor … We are back in lockdown. Stay safe!

It’s one of Vienna’s cosiest and most fun Christmas markets: opening its booths on November, 13th, the Campus market Altes AKH is located on the patio of the city’s former general hospital. It offers all the Viennese classics: a beautiful setting, ice curling lanes and plenty of food and drink stalls.

The Christmas village Alter AKH is very popular among younger guests, not only because it’s part of the Vienna University campus, but also because it is the perfect place to start with a sundowner drink before smoothly sliding into the evening and exploring some of the bars on the areal in the area of the surrounding city center.

On the way home to our City Hostel Vienna “Naschmarkt” you should visit the MQ Wintergarten (already open). This is the fancier, artsier version of a Christmas market. This year, spectacular light projections illuminate the main courtyard.

Budapest? Please see our guest contribution here!

PS: Our womBARs in Vienna and Munich have been reopened with fantastic new offerings and some lively Halloween parties. ;-) Welcome back, party peeps!