Which London Borough do you belong in?

You’ll have such a great time in London that you might want to stay longer than the 7 night maximum stay offered by your hostel. Maybe you’re even considering living in London.

London is a bustling town. Almost a world of its own where a new atmosphere and style greets you at every corner. Take one step the wrong way towards the east and you’ll be confronted with creatures called hipsters: oddly matched clothes, a man-bun wrapped tightly atop their head and a pulled pork sandwich in hand. A step in the opposite direction, you’ll find yourself in a sea of cashmere sweaters with the playful sound of Jaguar keys swivelling upon well kept finger tips.

But which London Borough do you fit into?

South Bank – Artsy

Do you like being entertained and dazzled by pieces of art? Then the Southbank is for you. South of the river is the Tate Modern with free permanent collections, the National Theatre and the Globe Theatre which makes you feel like you are back in the Shakespearian era. A foodie as well? Enjoy some delicious food at Borough Market or sip a nice coffee whilst enjoying free wifi at the Southbank Centre.

Royal Festival Hall

source : London Information


Kensington & Chelsea – Posh

If you pronounce your ‘H’s’ correctly, play croquet every week and are a descendant of monarchy, the fair duck-feather duvet plushed beds of Kensington and Chelsea may be for you. If you model your life on the fools that infiltrate our TV screens on Made In Chelsea then you may find yourself slotting in quite nicely.

Posh Bunch

source : Platform Magazine


Hackney – Hipsters

Perhaps the borough of Hackney is for you? Are you into wearing mismatched clothes, pulled pork buns and big bushy beards? Then this is definitely the place for you, the place is abuzz with music, clubs, art galleries and pop-up stalls, with plenty of art folk lingering in these city streets.


source : newscientist.com


Greenwich – Foodies

Are you a culinary connoisseur? If so, then the foodie capital of Greenwich will be the hotspot for you! The place is teaming with restaurants in all sorts of styles. Of course, the Greenwich Market is also a regular event that takes place and opens you up to a hubbub of foodie treats!

Greewich Market

source : handluggageonly.co.uk


We are just fine with wombat’s located just in the middle of the Artsy-Foodie-Hipster Triangle. If you want to stay longer and experience the borough made for you, why not find your perfect flatshare on spareroom.com!

Grafittis in East London

East London – Off the beaten path

London’s East End, formerly known as “that part beyond the Tower”, is a vibrant area, comprised of a number of boroughs. With an area full of artists and hipsters, the home of the cockney dialect and a history that dates back to medieval times, East London holds many places that are ‘off the beaten track’ and perfect for backpackers to discover.

Hang out in Hackney for the day and enjoy an up-and-coming neighbourhood. Check out eclectic shops, great streetscapes and stop by the Wilton Way Café for great coffee and music to relax after your walk.

Want to run away with the circus? Check out an experience day at Circus Space where participants can get a taste for various circus arts including trapeze, tightwire, juggling and acrobatics.

Getting a drink in London can get a little expensive, but that’s where Happiness Forgets comes in. A little hard to find, this basement bar is located at Hoxton Square and offers a dark, cozy atmosphere and reasonably priced high end cocktails from 5 pm to 11 pm every night.

The house at 19 Princelet Street has a long and often interesting history. It has been a family home, a workshop for weavers and a synagogue. In 1969 a man disappeared completely from the third floor. Due to it’s age and condition, access is very limited, so be sure to check ahead to see when public visits are possible.

Wilton's Mahagony Bar

Wilton’s Mahagony Bar is great for a drink and if you’re lucky enough, you can enjoy some live music.

If you enjoy theatre and music, you need to visit Wilton’s Music Hall. It’s one of the oldest surviving grand music halls in the world and it opens its stage to artists of all sorts. You can also just enjoy the atmosphere with food or drink at the newly renovated Mahogany Bar, the oldest section of Wilton’s, built in 1725.

Hidden throughout London are images of the 8-bit video game monsters Space Invaders. Created by a French artist, some can be found in East London. There are more scattered around London, Hong Kong and Paris.

Graffiti in East London (Lost Souls)

If you’re into street art, East London is the place to be.

Take a walk around and check out the graffiti and street art. You can see one of the last Banksy pieces in East London, along with many other talented artists. There are many organised tours or you can try a self-guided tour.

If you prefer a more macabre tour, you can try out a Jack the Ripper self-guided tour. Visit the places where the murders took place and imagine London’s East End in 1888.

Get back to nature in the city with a walk over the green bridge, which connects Bow Common to Mile End Park. Continue on to Victoria Park in the north or walk the Regent Canal along the west side of the park.

Finally, take some time to visit the free Museum of London Docklands, to learn some of the history of the area from Roman and Viking use of the area to more modern times. You can also shop at Canary Wharf, the modern shopping, food and entertainment district build on the old West India Dock site.