Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and Madam Tussauds probably come to mind when you think about London scenery. But did you expect to find fields of flowers in and around London?

Especially now, in late summer, you can experience an explosion of colour at London’s Lavender fields. The season typically runs from May to September and gives visitors an unparalleled richness of sight and scent.

Rooted in the historic lavender industry of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, you can still find huge fields of the amazing flower not too far from the city center. Places like Mayfield Lavender Farm or Kew Gardens are perfect destinations for a day trip if you want to leave the downtown buzz behind or if you are looking for some instagrammable, indigo moments that will turn your followers green with envy.

Please note: Due to the Covid19 situation, many lavender fields currently ask visitors to book in advance and some services or activities that are usually offered may be cancelled. So please check the respective website before your visit.

Some links:

Kentish Lavender / Castle Farm,
Mayfield Lavender. 
Royal Botanic Gardens Kew,
Yorkshire Lavender,
Somerset Lavender,

Enjoy & stay safe!

London calling! We are so excited and happy to welcome you back to Wombat’s London from August 1st!

Although there are still some pending issues about the city’s reopening to travellers, we at Wombat’s already know exactly which SAFETY FEATURES you can expect:

  • After departure, no check-in to the same room for a minimum of 24h to ensure maximum cleanliness and safety (certified cleaning with disinfection).
  • Guaranteed social distancing with plexiglas shielding and floor markings.
  • Rooms filled to a maximum of 50% capacity (with exceptions for families or small groups traveling together).
  • Pre-packed breakfast.
  • Free face masks.

We are benefiting from the post-Covid experience gained in our other Wombat’s Hostels that have already reopened.
Of course, there will also be a few London specials such as a Corona safe, open-air Yoga class on our roof terrace, as well as our in-house bike rental. Our legendary bar quiz will now be played with an app; that way, you can also join-in from your room to ensure your safety. ;-)

Still not sure? Maybe we can help you with even more FLEXIBLE BOOKING:

FLEX NON REFUNDABLE RATE: Now even our lowest-rate bookings can be rescheduled!
FULLY FLEX: Cancellation possible until 24 hours before your stay!

Please let us know if you have any questions. We hope to see you soon! 🤙🏻

Welcome to Europe’s Broadway

When travelling to London there’s one thing you definitely shouldn’t miss! With its many old theatres in beautiful buildings, London is by far one of the most famous cities for musicals in Europe. Especially London’s West End is well known for its musicals. From hit shows which have been entertaining audiences for over 30 years such as The Phantom of the Opera and Les Misérables to welcoming some of Broadway’s most recent hits, London’s Musicals leave no wish unfulfilled. From this great variety of first class shows in London’s prestigious theatres, we have put together for you the best London musicals currently available and also tell you how to get tickets without a hassle and for little money.

Our 10 favourite London Musicals

  1. The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre
  2. Wicked at the Apollo Victoria
  3. Thriller – Live at the Lyric Theatre
  4. The Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty’s Theatre
  5. Aladdin at the Prince Edward Theatre
  6. Mamma Mia! at the Novello Theatre
  7. The Book of Mormon at the Prince of Wales Theatre
  8. Les Misérables at the Queen’s Theatre
  9. Matilda the Musical at the Cambridge Theatre
  10. School of Rock at New London Theatre

The best way to get tickets

We know that getting tickets for new shows and especially on weekends might be a hassle. But we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t have a solution for you! With London Theatre Direct you will find the best London Musicals offers online! On their website they have listed the most popular London theatre tickets, which helps you to get a quick overview about the best shows. Additionally, they sourced some of the best theatre ticket deals available in London’s West End, so that you can enjoy some of London’s best musicals, plays, comedy and opera shows for discounted or even half ticket prices. Buying your tickets online not only saves you money, it also saves you time as you don’t have to queue. Just be sure to only buy London theatre tickets from official sources such as London Theatre Direct. Or ask at the reception for tickets, we’ll help you to secure yours at a discount!
Some more Pro Tips for smart spenders: If you have time during the day, why not visit a Matinee? They are always cheaper than evening shows. Besides that, for those who don’t mind standing, you could catch one of Shakespeare’s plays in his very own Globe Theatre for just £5!
So what are you waiting for? Pick a musical, get cheap tickets and enjoy the show!

There is no denying that travellers are always on the lookout for gifts and souvenirs to bring home—a certain something that will help to remind them of their exciting trip. However, many travellers can often become caught up in buying cheap knick knacks and gifts from tourist traps. Putting together a list of top souvenirs to bring home from a UK trip can be difficult since there are just so many amazing things that you can shop for. To avoid purchasing something you may only decide to throw away in a few months, we’ve put together a short list of some authentic items that you may wish to consider when travelling to the United Kingdom.

Tea from Whittard and British Tea

If you are visiting the capital of England, London comes with its very own Whittard tea shop—a very popular chain tea shop that sells exquisite teas, both hot and iced. They provide a lovely selection of quality teas from across the globe. From fruit infusions and flowering teas to oolong and flavoured green. Why not sample a few of their teas from their house blends? If you’re not a big tea drinker, they also have a wide selection of coffee and hot chocolate for you to choose from. Not only that, they have incredibly creative flavours such as strawberry, tiramisu, and even salted caramel! If you miss out on shopping in London and are perhaps visiting somewhere further afield, there are plenty of tea shops hidden around most towns and cities. It’s certainly well worth a visit.

Chocolate and Sweets

cadbury chocolate

It’s no secret that the British are absolutely in love with sweets. The British are well-known for making some of the most delicious sweets (candy) and chocolate that is often craved across the globe. The famous British Cadbury chocolate bars taste so much better, compared to the reformulated ones that you can easily find in your local supermarket. Some fantastic favourites to try are Dairy Milk, Wispa and Aero. For travellers coming from the United States of America, the Hershey Company has banned the sale of Cadbury’s chocolate in the US, which means bringing back a bar of Cadbury’s chocolate will certainly be a special treat.

Museum Gifts

museum shop

There are plenty of museums dotted around the UK, but for travellers heading to London, you should take some time out to visit The British Museum and V&A Museum, which offer more than your regular museum souvenir shop. Admission to most museums in London is free, so your budget might be able to accommodate a visit to the museums’ shops. Both museums are known to commission special pieces and gifts for their own lines of accessories, homeware, and jewellery, which are based on their exhibits. Not only are some of the most commissioned artists based in the United Kingdom, but the collections are typically only available for purchase at museums. How’s that for a unique gift?

Vintage Treasures

Vintage pieces

England is a treasure trove of gifts and unique antiques that range from small simple trinkets to extravagant historic artefacts. With so many different shops for you to visit and what seems to be an endless selection of vintage goods for you to choose from, you are bound to discover something that will catch your eye. If you are spending enough time in London, you should definitely focus your treasure hunt on the numerous marketplaces, such as Camden, Brick Lane or the Old Spitalfields Markets.
The weekends, in particular, see markets popping up throughout London. In East London you can easily visit Old Spitalfields Market, Brick Lane Market and Greenwich Market to fill your bags up with authentic vintage gifts.

Union Jack Souvenirs

union jack souvenirs

For travellers visiting London, a short walk along the streets of Central London will unearth a world of ubiquitous souvenir shops selling key chains, hats and t-shirts emblazoned with the Union Jack. You can discover incredibly interesting keepsakes that will certainly commemorate your trip to the UK!
If you are one of those, who start to think about gifts just when you stand at the airport and realise that your trip is nearly over. Union Jack souvenirs are obviously the option for you. As you can easily get literally anything labeled with an Union Jack at any British airport. :)

London’s East End, formerly known as “that part beyond the Tower”, is a vibrant area, comprised of a number of boroughs. With an area full of artists and hipsters, the home of the cockney dialect and a history that dates back to medieval times, East London holds many places that are ‘off the beaten track’ and perfect for backpackers to discover.

Hang out in Hackney for the day and enjoy an up-and-coming neighbourhood. Check out eclectic shops, great streetscapes and stop by the Wilton Way Café for great coffee and music to relax after your walk.

Want to run away with the circus? Check out an experience day at Circus Space where participants can get a taste for various circus arts including trapeze, tightwire, juggling and acrobatics.

Getting a drink in London can get a little expensive, but that’s where Happiness Forgets comes in. A little hard to find, this basement bar is located at Hoxton Square and offers a dark, cozy atmosphere and reasonably priced high end cocktails from 5 pm to 11 pm every night.

The house at 19 Princelet Street has a long and often interesting history. It has been a family home, a workshop for weavers and a synagogue. In 1969 a man disappeared completely from the third floor. Due to it’s age and condition, access is very limited, so be sure to check ahead to see when public visits are possible.

Wilton's Mahagony Bar
Wilton’s Mahagony Bar is great for a drink and if you’re lucky enough, you can enjoy some live music.

If you enjoy theatre and music, you need to visit Wilton’s Music Hall. It’s one of the oldest surviving grand music halls in the world and it opens its stage to artists of all sorts. You can also just enjoy the atmosphere with food or drink at the newly renovated Mahogany Bar, the oldest section of Wilton’s, built in 1725.

Hidden throughout London are images of the 8-bit video game monsters Space Invaders. Created by a French artist, some can be found in East London. There are more scattered around London, Hong Kong and Paris.

Graffiti in East London (Lost Souls)
If you’re into street art, East London is the place to be.

Take a walk around and check out the graffiti and street art. You can see one of the last Banksy pieces in East London, along with many other talented artists. There are many organised tours or you can try a self-guided tour.

If you prefer a more macabre tour, you can try out a Jack the Ripper self-guided tour. Visit the places where the murders took place and imagine London’s East End in 1888.

Get back to nature in the city with a walk over the green bridge, which connects Bow Common to Mile End Park. Continue on to Victoria Park in the north or walk the Regent Canal along the west side of the park.

Finally, take some time to visit the free Museum of London Docklands, to learn some of the history of the area from Roman and Viking use of the area to more modern times. You can also shop at Canary Wharf, the modern shopping, food and entertainment district build on the old West India Dock site.

You’ll have such a great time in London that you might want to stay longer than the 7 night maximum stay offered by your hostel. Maybe you’re even considering living in London.

London is a bustling town. Almost a world of its own where a new atmosphere and style greets you at every corner. Take one step the wrong way towards the east and you’ll be confronted with creatures called hipsters: oddly matched clothes, a man-bun wrapped tightly atop their head and a pulled pork sandwich in hand. A step in the opposite direction, you’ll find yourself in a sea of cashmere sweaters with the playful sound of Jaguar keys swivelling upon well kept finger tips.

But which London Borough do you fit into?

South Bank – Artsy

Do you like being entertained and dazzled by pieces of art? Then the Southbank is for you. South of the river is the Tate Modern with free permanent collections, the National Theatre and the Globe Theatre which makes you feel like you are back in the Shakespearian era. A foodie as well? Enjoy some delicious food at Borough Market or sip a nice coffee whilst enjoying free wifi at the Southbank Centre.

Royal Festival Hall
source : London Information

Kensington & Chelsea – Posh

If you pronounce your ‘H’s’ correctly, play croquet every week and are a descendant of monarchy, the fair duck-feather duvet plushed beds of Kensington and Chelsea may be for you. If you model your life on the fools that infiltrate our TV screens on Made In Chelsea then you may find yourself slotting in quite nicely.

Posh Bunch
source : Platform Magazine

Hackney – Hipsters

Perhaps the borough of Hackney is for you? Are you into wearing mismatched clothes, pulled pork buns and big bushy beards? Then this is definitely the place for you, the place is abuzz with music, clubs, art galleries and pop-up stalls, with plenty of art folk lingering in these city streets.

source :

Greenwich – Foodies

Are you a culinary connoisseur? If so, then the foodie capital of Greenwich will be the hotspot for you! The place is teaming with restaurants in all sorts of styles. Of course, the Greenwich Market is also a regular event that takes place and opens you up to a hubbub of foodie treats!

Greewich Market
source :

We are just fine with wombat’s located just in the middle of the Artsy-Foodie-Hipster Triangle. If you want to stay longer and experience the borough made for you, why not find your perfect flatshare on!

The #WombatsTraveller challenge for upcoming influencers

Here’s how it works

Three talented content creators are taking the #wombatsTraveller challenge and join experienced travel influencers from iAmbassador for a 4-day trip to two wombat’s destinations (Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, London and Munich) in June. Together, they will create content and share their travel experiences via their blogs and social media. The experienced bloggers will be there to mentor and provide tips on content creation, building an audience and social media marketing.

Based on their performance, a jury will then decide who will be the #wombatstraveller in 2019. The main factors which the jury will focus on include the style/quality of the content, diversity of media used and level of engagement.

Here are the teams, that are competing in the challenge:

Follow their trips on the Hashtag #wombatstraveller on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook

Why do we do this?

By travellers for travellers is the credo of wombat’s hostels. Everyone at wombat’s shares the passion for travel. The same passion that is required to make traveling your profession and become an influencer.
We’re celebrating our 20th birthday with the grand opening of wombat’s VENICE Mestre next year. Therefore we’ll have special events in Berlin, Budapest, London, Munich and Vienna throughout our anniversary.
To honor this anniversary we decided to run a special challenge: the #wombatsTraveller 2019!

We give one young travel blogger chance to take your blog and/or social media presence to the next level on the basis of a paid internship as a brand ambassador for wombat’s between April and September 2019.

We love working with influencers and over the years we have learned a lot about the efforts and skills that stand behind a successful influencer.
We are extremely happy to partner up with iAmbassador for this project. It’s great to have them on board and rely on the expertise of a huge travel blogger network and many years of experience in the field.