Experienced backpackers and city travelers know it well: after being trapped on a train or plane for many hours or after extensive sightseeing, you just need a break. A break from the city’s heat, a break from crowded places.

Here’s our favorite outdoor places to hang out this summer:

Vienna: Island in the Stream

Vienna is not exactly lying on the Danube. Instead, the city is situated next to the river. That means that if you take a stroll through the city centre, you won’t see the Danube.

The good news is that the impressive river is just one subway ride away. Our Vienna City Hostel has a subway station just next to the main entrance. So, in less than 20 minutes you can experience a totally different Vienna as you travel from the city to an island, the “Donauinsel” (Danube Island).

A 20 kilometre long, artificial island built in the 1970s and 1980s, Donauinsel was originally designed as flood protection. Today, it is a spectacular, local recreational area – with water skiing opportunities, skateparks, public barbecuing areas and beach clubs.

The “Old Danube” is a former arm of the Danube which is now a lake. It’s the ideal place to spend a day swimming and chilling alone or with friends. Rent a boat and enjoy a drink on board…

The Danube Island is also the where the yearly “Donauinselfest” is hosted. This is Europe’s biggest free festival! Talking ‘bout festivals…

Budapest: We Have an Island As Well!

Same river, same concept: there is also an island on the River Danube in Budapest! Once again, it is less than 20 minutes with public transportation away from your Wombat’s City Hostel Budapest.

In contrast to Vienna, the Danube runs right through Budapest, dividing the city into its two districts Buda and – yes, you’ve guessed it – Pest!

The island “Margit-sziget” is far smaller than Vienna’s version, yet it is just as popular with locals as a recreational area. Come here and enjoy perfect picnic spots in the shade of a tree or take a swim in one of the pools.

The island maybe best known among younger travelers for its legendary Sziget Festival (“Island of Freedom”). The next instalment is scheduled for August 2022.

While Budapest’s Sziget Festival is on hiatus…

Munich: Werksviertel Runs the Show!

As mentioned in the description of our new Wombat’s City Hostel Munich Werksviertel (opening Sept. 2nd!), there is a new, extremely exciting area emerging in a former industrial district of Munich.

The Werksviertel in the east of the city will host the festival “Freilichtbühne am Knödelplatz” from mid July until the beginning of August. It offers an open-air program of live concerts, musicals, theater and stand-up comedy. After that, the Werksviertel will be the center of the international graffiti scene as the renowned Female Graffiti and Street Art Festival ‘Hands Off The Wall’ will stop there from July 31st to August 1st.

werksviertel hands off female graffiti festival
Female Graffiti and Street Art Festival ‘Hands Off The Wall’

In cooperation with Munich Film Festival (and some other festivals of the genre), the new pop-up, open-air cinema at the HFF (University of TV & Film) will show comedy, short film, TV series and documentaries. The program runs daily until August 15th with free entry on select evenings! The best part is, the festival takes place just 20 minutes’ walking distance from Wombat’s City Hostel Munich Hauptbahnhof.

Within a comfortable walking distance from your favorite hostel you can also find…

London: Open-Air-Feeling under a Roof

Leave Wombat’s City Hostel London heading northbound, then take a left in the direction of Tower Hill, go straight onto Great Tower Street and after a 15 minutes’ walk you will see the “Walkie Talkie”. That’s what the building at 20 Fenchurch Street is called due to its characteristic shape.

This exact shape is the reason why the skyscraper was awarded the “Carbuncle Cup”, a notorious prize for ugly buildings.

Anyway, the building’s exterior is not why we recommend a visit. Inside, on the rooftop floor, you’ll find London’s highest garden as well as a spectacular view over the city. There are two major advantages of “Sky Garden”: 1. It’s not open-air only (see photo at the top), which is never a bad idea with London’s weather. 2. Admission is free, you just have to register (online at skygarden.london) for the visit.

Of course, if you desperately want to spend some money – there is always a way to do that in London. “Sky Garden” offers a lot of opportunities – Bar, Restaurant, DJ Lineup, Morning Yoga and more…

Enjoy your next trip & stay safe!

Traditionally, Pride Month is something we at Wombat’s can very much identify with. For us, one of the key qualities of our hostels is to be a welcoming home for everybody, no matter where you come from, how you look like or what your sexual identity/preference is.

The same is true for our staff, of course. Our Wombat’s family are a colorful bunch of people and have roots all over the world. All our job adverts include m/f/x.

The rainbow is not just a decoration in June, it is part of our corporate DNA.

Those of you who attended Vienna’s “Regenbogenparade” over the last couple of years may have bumped into the entire Wombat’s leading team there…

Here are the dates for all who want to party with us: Vienna Parade June, 19th; Munich Pride Week July, 3rd–11th.

By the way, we are even open for soccer fans! 😁 You can watch games at our City Hostel in Munich and our City Hostel in Budapest on the big screen, in Vienna on TV.

This is what beer aficionados’ dreams are made of: the finest draft beer available at home. This is exactly also what Wombat’s Café in our City Hostel Vienna is now offering!

Together with our beer-brewing buddies from Vienna’s prestigious Ottakringer brewery, we are bringing you delicious, select beers in sustainable packaging at an unbeatable price. This is the kind of beer you simply cannot buy in a supermarket!

Here is how it works

Get your weapon of choice – Ottakringers elegant glass bottles come in 1 or 2 liter sizes. Choose your favorite beer – we have Rotes Zwickl, Bio Zwickl, Session IPA, Braumeister Spezial. Fill it!

After you have enjoyed the awesome beer (at home with a few friends, watching soccer, maybe 😎 ) just clean the bottle and refill it at our Fassbar!

Rotes Zwickl and Bio Zwickl come at 3,50 € per liter, Session IPA and Braumeister Spezial are 5 € per liter. A “small” bottle (1 liter) costs 2,50 €, the party sized “vase” (2 liters) is 9 €.

This will be a permanent Service – proudly brought to you by Wombat’s and Ottakringer. Enjoy the finest beer from our local partner at and affordable price! A great taste with zero waste!


ottakringer siphonflasche 2 liter
ottakringer siphonflasche 1 liter

Finally, the long-overdue moment we’ve all been waiting for is here: On Friday May 28th, we are reopening all our hostels!

We’ll do this with great joy, excitement and cautious respect. Of course, we are following all local safety regulations and have set-up an internal catalogue of anti-corona-measures to keep our guests as safe as possible.

… back with a vengeance!

Alongside our reopening, we’ve lined up a series of new initiatives! Here we go:

This season we will launch our new womBARs and Wombat’s Cafés with a new focus on welcoming local guests alongside our beloved travellers. This will be the place where locals and young adventurers from around the world mingle to enjoy great food and drinks at an affordable price! (Rollout will take place this season, you’ll find the new openings on the respective website.)

Our new “Schanigarten” right before opening

In Vienna we have also opened a brand-new outdoor area (known locally as a “Schanigarten”) where you can enjoy our signature coffee ‘Wombat’s roast’ and our famous Wavebreaker Beer.

Speaking of Vienna, from now until June 6th we’ll be hosting a Vintage Fashion Pop-up Store at our City Hostel Vienna Naschmarkt. The supercool STRIKE WARDROBE from Germany will join us with a huge selection of classic clothing for sale.

This is one in a series of co-operative events planned for 2021 that will allow Wombat’s to partner with entrepreneurs, artists and cultural events to create spaces for intercultural and unexpected exchange.

Finally, another big date for Wombat’s is coming up in August when we will open our new hostel in Munich’s most exciting new area- “Werksviertel”. Stay tuned for updates and stay healthy!

Why does Wombat’s offer this WAVEBREAKER Ale? As you know, due to Covid our Hostel Vienna, Hostel London and our Hostel Budapest are still hibernating. (Re. Munich: The works on our new Wombat’s City Hostel Munich “Werksviertel” are in progress!)

But, of course, we want to stay in touch with our friends and wanderlust community. And what’s a better way to do this than with a nice little drink?

If you can’t come to Wombat’s, Wombat’s comes to you!

Together with Vienna’s most prestigious craft brewery, Ottakringer Brauwerk, we have created

  • the perfect gift for yourself or your travel buddies
  • the worthy conclusion to 2020 – the year that stated our grounding
  • an efficient protection against conspiracy theories and bad vibes

Give it up for Wombat’s limited edition WAVEBREAKER beer! A delicious highly drinkable ale with a subtle Lavender note. Brewed in the heart of Vienna with a heartfelt message to the world: F*** 2020!

Order here! International delivery available!

Safe Side of the Ale +++ Established to stop 2020 +++ Best served masked +++

New Review online!

Thank you, Martin @ proBIER.TV, for tasting and taking a closer look at our ale!

Be forewarned: If you watch the video (German), you’ll end up craving for one or two bottles of WAVEBREAKER!

Our Wombat’s expedition team has just returned from a trip to Munich and we’re extremely happy with what we have seen. We’re very excited to share our first progress report with you!

The masterminds behind the Werksviertel area like to call it the “Future Quarter of Munich”, and we have to agree with them. Although it is just around the corner from typical Bavarian neighbourhoods, it almost feels like a different city. There’s brand-new architecture, trendy businesses and a youthful attitude. There’s something exciting to see and do in every corner of the Werksviertel.

So where exactly is the new Wombat’s City Hostel located? Only in Werksviertel’s new landmark building! Based on a former potato silo, an 86 meter high complex is under construction – our hostel will be in the adapted ‘potato space’.

Tip for your bucket list: Not everyone can claim to have slept in a former silo.

Check out the images above to see how the hostel is taking shape. 

We have arranged mockup rooms for the new hostel. You will love them, promise! Here ☝️ you also have a sneak peek of our brand-new top secret bunk beds. We will disclose more details soon…

As you know, our Wombat‘s The City Hostel London, Wombat’s The City Hostel Vienna “Naschmarkt” and our Wombat’s City Hostel Budapest are still in hibernation. We will inform you as soon as we have information about re-opening.

Our new Wombat’s City Hostel Munich Werksviertel is expected to open in summer 2021!

F *** 2020
It’s been a terrible year for all of us. Having to temporarily close the doors of all our hostels was a painful first. Although Wombat’s is our life’s work, it’s just business.
We hope that you did not suffer health problems or lose a loved one to 2020. Our thoughts go out to all families affected by the disease.
None of our international employees fell seriously ill. In retrospect, it seems like the right choice to be over-cautious. Seldom has this phrase been more appropriate: Better safe than sorry.

F *** 2020
… was also the motto of our first Wombat’s beer, which was launched a few weeks ago. Thank you for your fantastic feedback!
Apart from a handful of bottles, the WAVEBREAKER is now sold out. We are happy that we were able to stay in contact with our community through the WAVEBREAKER Ale. If you can’t get to Wombat’s, Wombat’s will come to you. ;-)

F *** 2020
… also means that we want to leave the past behind us and look to a future in which we can travel freely and party hard again. ;-)
We are busy renewing our locations and, among other things, preparing a new bar and breakfast concept for our Wombat’s City Hostels.
We are using the lockdown to prepare for an even more exciting travel experience come 2021.

Hold on! Stay safe! Let’s hope that we can meet again in person soon <3.

F *** 2020 and