Why does Wombat’s offer this WAVEBREAKER Ale? As you know, due to Covid our Hostel Vienna, Hostel London and our Hostel Budapest are still hibernating. (Re. Munich: The works on our new Wombat’s City Hostel Munich “Werksviertel” are in progress!)

But, of course, we want to stay in touch with our friends and wanderlust community. And what’s a better way to do this than with a nice little drink?

If you can’t come to Wombat’s, Wombat’s comes to you!

Together with Vienna’s most prestigious craft brewery, Ottakringer Brauwerk, we have created

  • the perfect gift for yourself or your travel buddies
  • the worthy conclusion to 2020 – the year that stated our grounding
  • an efficient protection against conspiracy theories and bad vibes

Give it up for Wombat’s limited edition WAVEBREAKER beer! A delicious highly drinkable ale with a subtle Lavender note. Brewed in the heart of Vienna with a heartfelt message to the world: F*** 2020!

Order here! International delivery available!

Safe Side of the Ale +++ Established to stop 2020 +++ Best served masked +++

New Review online!

Thank you, Martin @ proBIER.TV, for tasting and taking a closer look at our ale!

Be forewarned: If you watch the video (German), you’ll end up craving for one or two bottles of WAVEBREAKER!

Our Wombat’s expedition team has just returned from a trip to Munich and we’re extremely happy with what we have seen. We’re very excited to share our first progress report with you!

The masterminds behind the Werksviertel area like to call it the “Future Quarter of Munich”, and we have to agree with them. Although it is just around the corner from typical Bavarian neighbourhoods, it almost feels like a different city. There’s brand-new architecture, trendy businesses and a youthful attitude. There’s something exciting to see and do in every corner of the Werksviertel.

So where exactly is the new Wombat’s City Hostel located? Only in Werksviertel’s new landmark building! Based on a former potato silo, an 86 meter high complex is under construction – our hostel will be in the adapted ‘potato space’.

Tip for your bucket list: Not everyone can claim to have slept in a former silo.

Check out the images above to see how the hostel is taking shape. 

We have arranged mockup rooms for the new hostel. You will love them, promise! Here ☝️ you also have a sneak peek of our brand-new top secret bunk beds. We will disclose more details soon…

As you know, our Wombat‘s The City Hostel London, Wombat’s The City Hostel Vienna “Naschmarkt” and our Wombat’s City Hostel Budapest are still in hibernation. We will inform you as soon as we have information about re-opening.

Our new Wombat’s City Hostel Munich Werksviertel is expected to open in summer 2021!

F *** 2020
It’s been a terrible year for all of us. Having to temporarily close the doors of all our hostels was a painful first. Although Wombat’s is our life’s work, it’s just business.
We hope that you did not suffer health problems or lose a loved one to 2020. Our thoughts go out to all families affected by the disease.
None of our international employees fell seriously ill. In retrospect, it seems like the right choice to be over-cautious. Seldom has this phrase been more appropriate: Better safe than sorry.

F *** 2020
… was also the motto of our first Wombat’s beer, which was launched a few weeks ago. Thank you for your fantastic feedback!
Apart from a handful of bottles, the WAVEBREAKER is now sold out. We are happy that we were able to stay in contact with our community through the WAVEBREAKER Ale. If you can’t get to Wombat’s, Wombat’s will come to you. ;-)

F *** 2020
… also means that we want to leave the past behind us and look to a future in which we can travel freely and party hard again. ;-)
We are busy renewing our locations and, among other things, preparing a new bar and breakfast concept for our Wombat’s City Hostels.
We are using the lockdown to prepare for an even more exciting travel experience come 2021.

Hold on! Stay safe! Let’s hope that we can meet again in person soon <3.

F *** 2020 and

TESTBild: Wombat’s Winner Category Hostel!

The big German market survey TESTBild rates the service qualities in more than 200 industries. For this the renowned market research institute Statista conducts interviews with more than 20.000 consumers. Wombat’s City Hostels won the category Hostels! And let’s go on with great news that we are especially grateful for in times like these…

Our current Hostelworld Ratings (scale 1-10, criteria: security, staff, atmosphere, cleanliness, value for money and facilities):
Wombat’s City Hostel London: 9.0 Superb
Wombat’s City Hostel Munich: 9.1 Superb
Wombat’s City Hostel Vienna – The Naschmarkt: 9.2 Superb
(Superb being the top mark.)

Big credit to our team! 🙌
Thank you & stay safe! 🔥

It’s Roasted, Baby!

Wombat’s is used to breaking new grounds. But this time it’s not a new country but a new catering approach. Please give it up for the world’s first…

Wombat’s Café 👏👏👏

It will be opening its doors on Thursday, October, 1st at 8 am in our City Hostel Vienna Naschmarkt.

The heritage of Viennese coffeehouse-tradition meets cosmopolitan cool. Top notch quality meets affordable pricing.

Enjoy with us Wombat’s signature Roast by Kaffee Campus Krems (with milk from local supplier and award-winning farmer Hiegersberger as well as soy milk and oat milk), cakes & Australien cookies, snacks & drinks. All treats served to you seated or to go.

Wombat’s Warm Welcome  –  this will be our special offer for you on Thursday:

Espresso                  1,00 €
Americano              1,00 €
Cappuccino             1,50 €
Cafe Latte                1,50 €

… as long as we like. 😉

Wombat’s Café will be open:
Mon.–Fri. 8 am to 6 pm
Sat./Sun./Holiday: 9 am bis 5 pm.

Wombat´s Hostel Vienna: Rechte Wienzeile 35, A-1040 Vienna

Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace and Madam Tussauds probably come to mind when you think about London scenery. But did you expect to find fields of flowers in and around London?

Especially now, in late summer, you can experience an explosion of colour at London’s Lavender fields. The season typically runs from May to September and gives visitors an unparalleled richness of sight and scent.

Rooted in the historic lavender industry of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, you can still find huge fields of the amazing flower not too far from the city center. Places like Mayfield Lavender Farm or Kew Gardens are perfect destinations for a day trip if you want to leave the downtown buzz behind or if you are looking for some instagrammable, indigo moments that will turn your followers green with envy.

Please note: Due to the Covid19 situation, many lavender fields currently ask visitors to book in advance and some services or activities that are usually offered may be cancelled. So please check the respective website before your visit.

Some links:

Kentish Lavender / Castle Farm, https://www.castlefarmkent.co.uk/
Mayfield Lavender. https://www.mayfieldlavender.com/ 
Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, https://www.kew.org/
Yorkshire Lavender, https://www.yorkshirelavender.com/
Somerset Lavender, http://www.somersetlavender.com/

Enjoy & stay safe!

Unfortunately, beautiful memories and new friendships are not the only traces that travelling leaves behind. According to the World Tourism Organization UNWTO travel is responsible for five percent of global CO2 emissions; 20 percent of which are attributable to the hotel industry.

Although hostels consume comparatively fewer resources, we – together with our guests –want to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. Guess where we’ve found an inspiring role model for this… Wombats! Our favourite animal is not only super cool and cute, it’s also extremely sustainable!

Did you know that wombats need even less water than kangaroos?

Scientists say that wombats are four times more efficient at saving water than kangaroos! We want to be careful handling resources, too. That’s why all our showers are equipped with water-saving systems. We ask you to support us and to use water sparingly. Don’t forget that water consumption goes hand in hand with energy consumption.

Did you know that wombats mainly eat grass?

Well, we’re not that strict, we also have cheese and ham for breakfast. But we only buy food locally and, where possible, of organic quality. We also try to avoid excess packaging and plastic – we do not use any straws or other disposable, plastic dishes. Should a wombat check in with us – we always have a vegan option at the breakfast buffet.

Did you know that wombats share their dens with other animals?

Since the Australian bushfires in 2019/2020 we know that wombats don’t exclusively share their dens with conspecifics. If necessary, other animals such as rabbits and even koalas are welcomed into the wombats’ natural dorms.

“Sharing is Caring” is a part of a hostel’s genetics. To us this is also true for our neighborhood where we prefer to cooperate with local stores and service providers, pointing out their offers to our guests. In addition, we stay socially involved and support local projects with the help of our guests.

Did you know that wombats are particularly good recyclers?

Wombats have a very slow metabolism and, therefore, effectively absorb a lot of their food. We do things a little bit differently. All of our fresh, breakfast left-overs are taken to the communal kitchen and left there for free. Similarly, we encourage our guests to leave food behind for others if they no longer need it.

We also do this with cosmetics and hygiene products. Clothes and other items that are not claimed at the Lost & Found are given to local charities after a certain period of time.

Did you know that the female wombat is larger than the male?

Okay, so maybe our ladies are not taller than their male colleagues – but more women work for us than men. Not only that, the majority of our managerial positions are also occupied by women.

Having said that, gender, as well as religion or nationality doesn’t matter to us. We encourage employees and guests to share this open-minded attitude with us.

You don’t have to be a wombat to travel Wombat’s style. 😉

Stay safe, we hope to see you soon!