Best gifts to bring from a UK trip

There is certainly no denying that travelers are always on the lookout for gifts and souvenirs to bring home. A certain something that will help to remind them of their exciting trip. However, many travelers can often become caught up in buying cheap knick knacks and gifts from tourist traps. It can be considerably difficult to put together a list of top souvenirs and gifts to bring from a UK trip. Simply because there are just so many amazing things that you can shop for. To avoid purchasing something you may only decide to throw away in a matter of months. We have put together a short lift of some authentic items that you may wish to consider when travelling to the United Kingdom.

tea cupTea from Whittard and British Tea.

If you are visiting the capital of England, London comes with its very own Whittard tea shop which is a very popular chain tea shop that sells exquisite teas, both hot and iced. They provide a lovely selection of quality teas from across the globe. From fruit infusions and flowering teas to oolong and flavored green. Why not sample a few of their teas from their house blends? If you are not a big tea drinker, they also have a wide selection of coffee and hot chocolate for you to choose from. Not only that, they have incredibly creative flavours such as strawberry, tiramisu, and even salted caramel! If you miss out on shopping in London and are perhaps visiting somewhere further afield, there are plenty of tea shops hidden around most towns and cities. It’s certainly well worth a visit.

Chocolate and Sweetscadbury chocolate

It’s no secret that British, are absolutely in love with sweets. The British are certainly well-known for making some of the most delicious sweets (candy) and chocolate that is often craved across the globe. The famous British Cadbury chocolate bars taste so much better. Compared to the reformulated ones that you can easily find in your local supermarket. Some fantastic favourites to try are Dairy Milk, Wispa and Aero. For travellers coming from the United States of America, the Hershey Company has banned the sale of Cadbury’s chocolate in the US. Which means bringing back a bar of Cadbury’s chocolate will certainly be an extra special treat.

museum shopMuseum Gifts

There are plenty of museums dotted around the United Kingdom, but for travellers heading to London, you should take some time out to visit The British Museum and V&A Museum which offer more than your regular museum souvenir shop. Admission to most museums in London is free. So you might be able to plan some more money in for a visit to the museum shops. Both museums are known to commission special pieces and gifts for their own lines of accessories, homeware, and jewelry which are based on their exhibits. Not only are some of the most commissioned artists based in the United Kingdom. But the collections are typically only available for purchase at museums. How’s that for a unique gift?

Vintage pieces

Vintage Treasures

England is a treasure trove of gifts and unique antiques that range from small simple trinkets to extravagant historic artifacts. With so many different shops for you to visit and what seems to be an endless selection of vintage goods for you to choose from. You are bound to discover something that will catch your eye. If you are spending enough time in London, you should definitely focus your treasure hunt on the numerous market places. Such as Camden, Brick Lane or the Old Spitalfields Market.
Especially on weekends there are markets popping up everywhere in London. In East London you can easily visit Old Spitalfields Market, Brick Lane Market and Greenwich Market to fill your bags up with authentic vintage gifts.

union jack souvenirsUnion Jack Souvenirs

For travellers visiting London, a simple short walk along the streets of Central London will unearth a world of ubiquitous souvenir shops. Which sell key chains, hats and t-shirts that are emblazoned with the union jack. There are plenty of fantastic places around the London capital. You can discover incredibly interesting keepsakes that will certainly commemorate your trip to the United Kingdom!
If you are one of those, who start to think about gifts just when you stand at the airport and realize that your trip is nearly over. Union Jack Souvenirs are obviously the option for you. As you can easily literally get anything labeled with an Union Jack at any British Airport 🙂

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