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wombat’s Berlin, Budapest, London, Munich and Vienna:
The first Austria-based City Hostels

With the concept of wombats CITY HOSTELs, the young businessmen Sascha Dimitriewicz and Marcus Praschinger have brought a certain type of youth tourism to Austria and Germany, which is already common practice throughout the Anglo-American areas. Cleanliness and comfort instead of curfews and 10-bed-dorms – wombats is not a youth hostel in the traditional sense..

wombats is a backpacker hostel: a unique convergence of hotel and youth hostel, at which many facilities are shared among guests.
The comfy lounge, the womBar and the guest kitchen are shared, as are the very popular dormitories with enhanced shower and toilet – single, twin and double rooms are nonetheless on offer. An apparent advantage is that the costs for the individual are kept to a minimum due to this shared use of many facilities. But even more important is that it creates a friendly, mutual and communicative atmosphere among the guests. The feeling “hostel” is difficult to describe – one has to experience it to fully understand it.
The term hostel does not describe a place; it rather describes an attitude, a philosophy. The encounter of diverse people who all share the wonders, the ups and downs and the experiences of the adventure called “travelling”.

Back in 1999, Marcus Praschinger and Sascha Dimitriewicz already focused on the booming niche of youth tourism and built the first wombat’s CITY HOSTEL “The Base” close to the main train station, Westbahnhof. Success was inevitable: the first expansion came in 2001, when the number of beds was raised from 150 to 261. 2004, another wombat’s was opened in Munich, Germany, right at the main train station, two years later “The Lounge” joined in on Vienna’s main shopping street, the Mariahilfer Straße, in June 2006 and, in February 2008, the wombat’s CITY HOSTEL Berlin in the vicinity of Alexanderplatz was opened. 2010, the fifth wombat’s CITY HOSTEL “At the Naschmarkt”opened its gates at the Viennese Naschmarkt – then the biggest house with its 440 beds. The next step took wombat´s CITY Hostels east. Opening the wombat´s CITY HOSTEL Budapest right in the heart of the hungarian capital in 2012. The latest milestone was the opening of wombat’s CITY HOSTEL London in 2014 and by this take the step into one of the world’s top ten tourist destinations.

Awards: The Hostel Oscar HOSCAR was awarded to the wombat’s CITY HOSTELs in 2003, 2004, 2006 to 2016 in different categories.

Unlike the traditional youth hostels with 8- and 6-bed dorms, you find only here (see table). Each room is equipped with a private bathroom 2-, 4-, and 6-bed dorms and individual lockers, the bed sheets are included in the price. Style and design put the finishing touch to the overall picture of each wombat’s.
“Get together” at womBar

The conventional youth hostels curfew at 11 p.m. does not exist here. The reception is open 24/7. Also, the womBar, the in-house pub, with happy hour is open into the early hours of the morning. Incorporator and directing manager Marcus Praschinger stresses, “We want to create a social atmosphere for our guests: partying, making new friends and just generally having a good time – that is essential.”
Furthermore, extensive extra facilities are a main part of the company’s philosophy: internet hotspots, a pool table, coin operated laundry and a guest kitchen can be found in each wombat’s City Hostel. Last but not least, it is the reasonable price that is contributing to increasing overnight stays and recommendations among travellers. Hints in tour and hitchhiker guides are one thing, but word of mouth is still a top decisionmaking support when choosing accommodation – a good position for further expansion plans to Venice and Rome.
By now, the major part of the bookings is done via internet on Another successful strategy is that the guests already meet like-minded people at the front desk as only people who have traveled a lot themselves work at wombats.

What remains is the question about the name. The two founders of wombat’s were backpackers themselves and traveled across the whole world: ”Marcus and I had a friend in Melbourne who tragically died in an accident. He loved the Australian marsupials and always had the dream of opening a hostel with the name ‘wombat’s backpackers’. So the name is dedicated to him,” states Sascha Dimitriewicz, founder and managing director.

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