The Austrian wombat's CITY HOSTELS group represents a young, dynamic and stylish hostel concept in the booming segment of budget accommodation. The group currently holds 6 hostels in Berlin, Budapest, London, Munich and Vienna. Additional projects in Venice and Munich are in the planning.


Our Requirements

Segment Budget Hotel. wombat’s are looking for long-term lease opportunities located in proximity to the city center and well connected to public transport.



UK:  London, Manchester, Edinburgh

Netherlands:  Amsterdam, Rotterdam

Italy:  Milan, Rome, Florence

France:  Paris

Germany:   Hamburg

Austria:  Vienna

Denmark:  Copenhagen

Belgium:   Brussels, Bruges

Ireland:  Dublin

Spain:  Madrid, Barcelona

Sweden:  Stockholm

Norway:  Oslo

Czech Rep.:  Prague

Switzerland:  Zurich



Total floor space: around 3.000 – 6.000 m²

Number of rooms: around 75-150
Number of beds: around 300 – 600  in 2-, 4- and 6-bed rooms

Common area: approx. 500 – 700 m²

Room sizes:
– 2-bed room  approx. 15 m² ( 30%)
– 4-bed room  approx. 20 m² ( 40%)
– 6-bed room  approx. 24 m² ( 30%)

We offer

• Solid financial standing
• Long-term leasing contract (10 – 15 years)
• Short decision-making processes
• Joint planning
• Reliable interface management
• Financing of interior by our own resources