The wombat’s story
Born from an idea one beer-fuelled night nearly 20 years ago by two Austrian backpackers after travelling in Australia, wombat’s prides itself on blending the super social atmosphere of a youth hostel with all the amenities you need for a cosy and comfortable stay.

The wombat’s story

What is a wombat?

Wombats are short-legged, muscular quadrupedal marsupials, native to Australia. They have small, stubby tails, dig holes to live in and eat roots. Wombats typically live up to 15 years in the wild. The oldest known wombat died at the age of 34 in captivity.
Wombats are famous mainly for two fun facts: They have a backward pouch. The backward-facing pouch has the advatage that when digging, the wombat does not throw soil over its young.
The second fun fact is the shape of their feces, it’s cubic.
walking wombat by Louis Jones

The wombat’s story

It was in December 1988, when we went to “Connor’s Irish Pub” in Melbourne. Because we had run out of money, we decided to spend most of the night there drinking a few beers, playing pool and waiting for the first bus to Alice Springs.

After the first beer on the way to the pool, table a huge guy interfered, “If you guys want to play here, you first have to win against the king of the table – me! They call me “The Sucker”… – just so you know.” All right, so we played the special “Connor” rules: if somebody finishes the game while the other one hasn’t put one ball into a hole, the loser must drop his pants.
We don’t really know ourselves how this all came about, but we had a great series and this huge guy and his friend had no chance to sink a single ball. So he dropped his pants and said, “Hey, I am John “The Sucker” O ‘Sullivan – let’s have a beer.” We drank a “few more” beers together and he invited us to stay at his place for a couple of days.
He was really crazy about wombats, those little mammalian marsupials, and there were 5 or 6 of them living with him. One night, he told us about his dream of running a hostel. He had already found a name: “wombats Backpackers”.
Two years later, we were in Melbourne again, so we went to John’s house but he was not living there any more. His neighbour told us that he had died in an accident six months ago. A few years later, we started to think more about the idea of running a hostel in Vienna and there was no doubt about the name…

Why stay at wombat’s

Over the years we’ve created more than a hostel chain, it’s a friendly gathering in an affordable accommodation.
A travel community that comes together to share stories of exploration and do more than just share a living space.

More than 300.000 travellers pass through our wombat’s CITY HOSTELS in Berlin, Budapest, London, Munich and Vienna every year.

All our hostels sit in the heart of the city so that travellers are right in the middle of the action. They are conveniently placed with easy access to major transport hubs so that travellers don’t spend too much time getting lost. We wouldn’t want them to miss Happy Hour at the famous womBars.

Gone are the days of simplistic, dirty buildings and cramped 10-bed dorms rooms with squeaky bunk beds. Style is at the fore of wombat’s, with the unique design of each hostel reflective of its cultural location. And you’ll find no more than eight beds in a dorm.

The spacious dorms and private rooms are decked out with modern interiors and ensuite facilities. It saves wandering the corridors. Locker space and key-card only access ensure extra security, and we happily boast about our award-winning cleanliness rating.

That’s on top of winning six Hostelworld Hoscar awards for ‘Best Hostel Chain’. Just saying.

We don’t impose curfews (that would be boring) but instead have a 24/7 reception staffed only by travel-loving locals and experienced backpackers. The late night opening hours of our bars are to entice you out of your room. Here you can socialize, become a pool champion, play bar games or gather a group to go out and paint the town.

Want to post that selfie? There’s decent Wi-Fi throughout the entire building. Run out of clean pants? There’s a self-service laundry. Starving or want to impress your roommates? Cook up a storm in the guest kitchen for self-made feasts (we even throw in some free pasta). Hungover or need fuel for a city expedition? There’s an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet to fill yourself up.

wombat’s has all the facilities needed to make a carefree home away from home.
We’ll take away the stresses of travelling, so you can concentrate on the fun stuff.
So drop off your backpack, find your kindred spirits and start your adventure with us.

Hope to see you soon!