Film Festival 2013 on Rathausplatz, Vienna

film-festival-rathausplatz Vienna´s public open air  Film Festival offers classical and modern cultural highlights in front of the City Hall in Vienna until September 1st. But it´s not just about sitting in front of a huge screen and watching concerts and operas,… Read more

Support Wombats to be “Green” !

Umweltzeichen Austrian Eco Label Umweltzeichen As an ecologically orientated business we take our responsibility towards the environment very seriously and are constantly trying to improve ourselves in order to provide a beautiful, healthy and worth living world for future generations.… Read more

Madebyus: Red Bull Funk Event in Vienna

Madebyus Vienna The RED BULL FUNK EVENT is happening at Wombats Hostel Vienna–the Lounge this Thursday, 23 August at 10pm. 8 musicians, 4 stops, one bus, and free entrance!… Read more

Become a Gustav Klimt Model

Ever considered being a model in a Gustav Klimt painting? An online tool called Klimt Yourself lets you upload a photo of your face and embed it a famous Gustav Klimt painting, like The Kiss: The Kiss You can then… Read more

Don’t Miss “Europe’s Largest Free Party”: The Danube Island Festival Vienna 2012

Photo from the Danube Island Festival Come to Vienna this June and join over 3 million visitors in seeing 2,000 performers at the Danube Island Festival! The dates of the festival are 22 to 24 June 2012. Danube Island Festival Performers will include: Simple Minds, Jennifer… Read more

Best Travel Apps for Android Phones

Foursquare screenshot Here are some of my favorite travel apps for Android phones. I’ve focused on travel apps that are most likely going to be used while out exploring a destination, rather than ones that are used for pre-trip planning. I’ve used… Read more

10 Vienna Museums Featuring Gustav Klimt in 2012

The Kiss painting by Gustav Klimt If you’re traveling to Europe in the summer of 2012 and you like Gustav Klimt, it’s a perfect time to visit Vienna. 2012 is the year that would have had Klimt’s 150th birthday. To celebrate, 10 museums in Vienna are… Read more

A First Glance of Our New Hostel in the Centre of Budapest

A First Glance of Our New Hostel in the Centre of Budapest As many of you already know, we open a new wombats CITY HOSTEL in Budapest in June. As the construction works are on the way, we want to reveal some first facts and pics: The wombats CITY HOSTEL BUDAPEST will… Read more

Late but Great: the wombats New Year Story

Late but Great: the wombats New Year Story A few days ago, we got a really lovely thank you letter from Michelle and Drew, two guests from Australia. They were on a two months vacation in Europe, when their belongings and wallets got stolen on New Year. Our… Read more

Walking in Vienna: Spring Is Waiting for You!

Walking in Vienna: Spring Is Waiting for You! A few weeks ago, we introduced WildUrb, a Vienna based online community that encourages urban people to discover urban space by walking. As spring is pampering us with sun and warmth these days, it’s time to head outside and discover… Read more
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