Skiing - Day Trip from Vienna

Skiing – Day Trip from Vienna

Do you love Skiing and really don’t give a damn about our environment?

Well, then here’s the perfect daytrip from Vienna for you.
Austrian Airlines, American Express and Ski Region Hochzillertal-Kaltenbach partnered up for a tempting offer.

You could go to neraby Ski Regions from Vienna by train or bus within 2 hours, but you could also do this:
Catch a flight in Vienna at 6.35am, fly out to Innsbruck/Tyrol enjoy a day of skiing and get back to Vienna by 19.55pm.
Sounds crazy? Indeed it is, but the weird thing about it is, it’s actually offered as an affordable package.

The package includes in detail
Flights including taxes (Carry on Luggage max. 8 kg)
Transfer to and from the Ski Region
Ski- or Snowboard hire on site
Drink Voucher €20,–
BestSecret Voucher

The whole package is available from €163,-
This is probably the best deal you can get for a ski trip from Vienna. The Region is spectacular and compares to the ski regions near Vienna (Semmering mainly) like a Dodge Viper compares to a Buick. The Drink Voucher is even valid in the award-winning Kristallhütte, well worth a visit.
Just to give you an idea, the day pass alone is worth around 50 Bucks. So, pricewise this is a ridiculous offer, really.

When is it available?
Between December 19th 2016 and March 2017 only on Mondays and Fridays due to availability.

How can you book it?
You can try to book via, the website is only in German though.

You could ask our receptionists to book for you, but we will talk you into another day trip, as we do care about our environment and flying from Vienna to Tyrol is just sick.

Seriously, this offer is as good as it is sick and it will leave you with the ecological footprint of a chain smoking, truck driving Tyrannosaurus Rex. So, please, spend 50 Bucks less and catch a train to Semmering. That might be less spectacular, but way better for your Kharma.