Wombat’s Munich – Werksviertel 2020

We proudly announce the addition of a new wombat’s CITY Hostel to accompany our existing one in Munich.
As a privately owned company, we focus on projects that really suit us, projects that allow us to grow with them and excite us. Lately we’re getting more ambitious when it comes to expansion. Therefore we are very excited about this new hostel being part of a big development project just behind Ostbahnhof.

The whole new district is called Werksviertel. It is going to be a new cultural and lifestyle hub for Munich. It includes projects such as a new concert hall, various clubs and a climbing site.
Werksviertel has a lively history. It was once home to traditional companies such as, Optimol, Konen, Zündapp and Pfanni. On these grounds potato dumplings were produced, motorbikes put together, lubricants refined and clothing tailored.


The area of the Pfanni factory from above.

These days the factories at the Ostbahnhof are no longer in use. Nevertheless, the area has retained its busy, industrial factory vibe. Developers and architects want to keep the special feel by creating a dramatic contrast between the historic structures and the modern buildings. Located just next to the public transport hub Ostbahnhof, the new urban district will also be superbly connected.


The white part of WERK 4 will be home to our new Hostel.

“The project area is being treated not as a blank canvas, but as a process. With the arrival of the new, the old must also be preserved. The upgrading of the area is characterised by quality and pragmatism. At the same time, the east of Munich will experience a new injection of dynamism and modernity,” stresses the brand ‘Werksviertel’ on their website.

Another goal of the project is to fit together some of life’s most important aspects: home, leisure, work and travel. Around 1,200 new homes are planned for 3,000 citizens. Long-term plans see the creation of up to 7,000 new jobs.

The grounds of the former Pfanni factory, now owned by OTEC GmbH & Co.KG form the epicenter of the project. After Pfanni closed the factory in 1996, the area was home to projects such as ‘Kunstpark Ost’ and ‘Kultfabrik’ until the end of 2015. Besides the flagship project, a new concert hall, plans for this area include the new wombat’s CITY Hostel, several restaurants, entertainment venues and event locations.

Werner Eckart, Proprietor and Managing Director of OTEC GmbH & Co.KG says, “with the Werksviertel development, we are drawing on the history of the site. This will create a distinctive district with a strong character.” 


Sascha Dimitriewicz, CEO and founder of wombat’s signing the contract with Werner Eckert, Proprietor and Managing Director OTEC

Located directly in the heart of the Werksviertel, we will open our hostel with 500 beds in 2020. It will form part of the tallest building called WERK 4.
The architects of Steidle Architekten plan WERK 4 to be somewhat of a landmark.
Our new hostel will share this space with a serviced appartements provider and a climbing site. If you are a climbing enthusiast, you will find the climbing site with 900 sqm boulder facilities and 1200 sqm of climbing space in- and outdoors just next door.
Steidle Architekten mention on their website, “the current activities and uses are to be gradually cultivated, condensed and updated, while new developments are being launched in parallel.”

The new wombat’s will feature all the amenities common to our standard with the highlights of a womBar, that is open to the public and open air common areas.


The center of Werksviertel, with WERK4 just in the middle.


Read more on http://www.steidle-architekten.de and http://www.werksviertel.de/en




Hostel Staff Meeting

5th International Hostel Staff Meeting


Ain’t it great to work at a Hostel? All the crazy shit you experience and the funny stories, but yet again there’s so much stuff you can’t share with people outside the Hostel bubble.

Good News! Wombat’s brings the bubble together on the 5th international Hostel Staff Meeting.

If you can make it 25th until 27th November.

Wombat’s Budapest will be hosting this Event and supplies a limited number of free beds available only for Hostel Staff.

If you work at a Hostel or run one yourself, feel free to send an e-mail from your hostel account over to events[a]wombats.eu and we’ll do our best to squeeze you in.
It is going to be a beautiful opportunity network and share the stories and experiences of hostelling. Obviously this will turn into a crazy party weekend at some point, but we’ll try to let it appear as professional as possible.
Our lovely Staff at wombat’s Budapest already arranged a Walking Tour, a Hungarian Cooking Session, a Pub Crawl and some other specials.
You’re definitely going to enjoy Budapest to the fullest, join us!

Check out the Facebook event!

Keith Wright

Farewell Keith Wright!

Keith Wright

Keith with wombat’s CEOs Marcus and Sascha.

What would a Hostel be without the fellow travelers coming in from all over the world and sharing their stories? One that really had a lot to tell was Keith Wright, a legend amongst Backpackers. Keith held the spirit of backpacking high. Based in Australia he traveled to and in Europe several times. Over a decade he kept coming back and loved to stay with wombat’s CITY HOSTELS. With over 90 years of age he was still taking Busabout tours and staying in Hostels. Several articles were published about his story, for example in the Telegraph, where he was described as the “World’s Oldest Backpacker“.
He was such a modest traveler, when he booked his last stay with wombat’s in Vienna (He was 95 years old back then!), Keith was asking if it was possible to reserve a lower bunk for him as he ultimately has difficulties climbing the top bunk.

As we all loved this legendary, outgoing and sociable fellow the mail we recently received hit us hard. Keith has passed away on 29 December at the age of 97, after a short battle with cancer.

Despite his age he was part of the young wombat’s family and we never thought seriously about the time he won’t be able to come again.
During all those years of staying with us as the world’s oldest backpacker, which he probably was already 10 years ago :), he made our places more colorful and brighter.
It was an honor for all of us to not only be the host of Keith during all those years but also building up a very valuable relationship.
We are more than thankful that we could provide Keith a warm and honest home during his trips to Europe.

It is our hope that he will take our great respect and honor with him to his last adventure trip !

Travel on, mate!!!

wombat's London Bar

wombat’s London

As a native English speaker, I was confident arriving in London that even though I’d never been there, I’d be able to figure out the train system. I was right, it is very straightforward and also has a smart phone app to help you figure out which trains to take where! The new wombat’s hostel in London is located very close to public transport making it super easy to find.

After getting off the tube at Tower Hill station, I noticed the magnificent medieval building right in front of me. What a great first impression. It was the Tower of London, a historic castle located on the north bank of the River Thames in central London. Upon arrival at wombat’s (about 10 minutes by foot from the station), I instantly felt at home. They have such an inviting lobby, with chairs and cushions, outlets everywhere, a luggage room, and smiling staff.

At reception I was given a booklet with a map of London and an incredibly helpful list of recommendations for sights, shopping, eating and drinking around town. After settling in, however, I headed down to have a drink at the womBar in the basement. WOW. This is by FAR the coolest hostel bar I have ever been to! The brick archways and unique decor give the bar a very cool, kitschy feel that I really enjoyed. The kitchen is also connected and is huge and fully stocked with cookware. I had my first pint of proper English Ale and started chatting with the other travelers, who were also having a great time.

As for the location, not only is wombat’s London close to a tube station, but it is also in the East part of London, which has a really cool bar scene. It’s outside of the Financial District, so in my opinion, more compatible with backpackers’ style. The bars here also stay open later than most, which is a bonus! This is also where all the Jack the Ripper tours start, because the East is where the murders took place.

There are several other free walking tours (with expected tip at the end) and countless tours that cost around 10 pounds. I highly recommend the Free Jack the Ripper tour as well as the Free Royal Tour which meets at The Churchill statue in Parliament Square.

If you are looking to see, eat, or drink something specific, the wombat’s staff are the best people to ask and have never steered me wrong. I have no doubt this new womBaby will become one of the most popular hostels in London in no time!w

wombat’s CITY HOSTEL Budapest

Take your virtual tour through wombat’s CITY HOSTEL Budapest here:

Free Tour in Munich – discover the city and have fun!


In association with Gordon’s Tours , Wombat’s proudly presents our budget city walking tour.

What better way to discover Munich’s delights than with a young professional guide. Our two to three hour tour starts everyday from Wombat’s reception at 10:45am. Our expert guides work on a pay as you wish basis and will provide you with insight into the city’s many historical and cultural sites. From Bratwurst to Beer Halls and from the Glockenspiel to the Surfers Wave, don’t miss this unique chance to discover Munich on a budget !

Price: you decide!!

Also try Gordon’s Dachau Memorial Tour. Gordon’s provides an officially authorized tour of the memorial site and have been working in cooperation with Wombat’s City Hostel Munich since 2007. The tour starts from Wombat’s reception everyday at 10:15. and takes between 4 and 5 hours.

Price: 22 euro

Students (or 26 and under) 20 euro

(all prices include travel cost)

For more information on these tours and others, please go to www.gordonstours.de.

wombat's London Dock Street

wombat’s opening in London

In December 2014 our fresh little womBaby peeled out of it’s egg. Although it’s neither little with over 500 beds, nor do marsupials or buildings peal themselves out of eggs… Anyways the important thing is: It’s in London!
Finally wombat’s made it to one of the top 5 landing destinations for Europe visitors and what a great destination it is. London is a buzzing capital and runs at it’s own speed. The new wombat’s CITY HOSTEL London is located in the East, near the Tower of London.
The area is full of things young London visitors need. The markets, bars and restaurants of Bricklane are just a few minute’s walk away and so are the bars at St. Katherine’s Docks. Also Shoreditch, London’s hippest area in terms of night life and vintage design shopping is just 20 minutes up the road.
The building itself used to be a hostel for sailors since the early 1860’s and was actually opened by the Prince of Wales Albert Edward. A plague in the terrace entrance still reminds us of that historic moment.
The whole building refurbished and with all the know-how of wombat’s founders Marcus and Sascha brought in, the house is now probably the best youth hostel and place to stay for young travelers in the UK’s capital.
Have a look at our fresh wombat’s in London:

wombat´s CITY HOSTEL London

Late but Great: the wombats New Year Story

A few days ago, we got a really lovely thank you letter from Michelle and Drew, two guests from Australia. They were on a two months vacation in Europe, when their belongings and wallets got stolen on New Year. Our staff at our wombats CITY HOSTEL “The Naschmarkt” managed to help them out and saved their holidays.

Reading their message I decided to post it here on our blog, as I want to thank the reception team of “The Naschmarkt” for their great work – you girls and guys just rock!

Anyway, here’s the message from Michelle and Drew:

Travelling on a train from Krakow (Poland) to Vienna and have your wallet and belongings stolen is probably one of the worst ways to spend New Year! It takes a lot of international phone calls, police formalities and even more nerves to sort things like that out.

But we were lucky that we had booked at the wombats hostel “Naschmarkt”. The staff there saved our day and gave us support we are eternally grateful for.

We arrived at the hostel in the evening, without identification, as it had been stolen. The reception staff was not only willing to check us into our room, they also helped us with phone calls to our bank and the Australian Embassy. After that one of the staff members from wombats came with us to the police station to help us with translations and sorting things out. After heading back to the hostel we just wanted to sleep off the tributes of the day…

…but the wombat’s staff invited us to their staff New Years Eve party. Accepting this offer was the best decision we made on our two month vacation. We were partying with our new wombats friends, hopping between the various wombats hostels, feeling welcomed and loved at every location!

But it was not at that point that the support and compassion from the wombats staff stopped. For days they lent us their phone to call banks in Australia or our credit card companies. For days they became our family, the ones we turned to for support and guidance, laughs and tears, food and drinks.

Therefore we want to thank the staff at the wombats hostel “Naschmarkt” from the bottom of our heart, we are forever grateful for your lovely help. We are planning a trip early in 2014 to come and see you all again – or alternatively, please come visit us in Australia.

Love Always, 

Michelle and Drew


Take Me to the Disco! wombats Presents the womCLUB

Boom boom boom: After years of awesome party nights in our womBARS we have decided to take the next level of partying: our own clubbing series. Curtains up for the womCLUB in our hostel “The Lounge” in Vienna!

The first session starts next Friday the 23rd March. Besides lots of great international party people there will be an ass kicking range of contemporary electronic music from Austria’s DJ scene: sweet Classic House from ‘Mesca’, massive breakbeats from ‘DJ Clash’ and ‘Wanek:D’ as well as deep dubstep and minimal beats from ‘TJM’.

It all starts at 9 p.m. in our “The Lounge” womBAR in the Mariahilfer Straße 137. There will be one clubbing each month – more info on the flyers. See you there and show us how you party!

Austrian Top Model

Austria’s Next Topmodel and Popstars go wombats!

Last weekend we had some pretty special guests at our wombats CITY HOSTELS in Vienna: At “The Naschmarkt” hostel the finalists of the casting show “Austria’s Next Topmodel” stayed for two nights during the final show and party.

Although the young beauties Gina, Lana, Melisa and the winner Antonia were super-busy with all the ceremonies, they were really decent and lovely guests without special wishes or airs and graces. They even let one of our receptionists take a photo shooting with her handy cam.

In our Vienna hostel, “The Lounge” we hosted the participants of the music casting show “Popstars: Mission Austria”. Unfortunately we couldn’t manage to take a picture…

…anyway – it was nice to have you around, girls and guys. Thanks for your stay! The wombats crew wishes you all the best for your future music and model career.